11 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Super Sparkling Home

Finally, spring has arrived and so is Our Spring Cleaning Tips for a Super Sparkling Home.

Golden sunlight, blooming flowers, and serenading birds—this beautiful season has everything to make us feel good. And it is also a great time to get your house out of winter blues.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to freshen up your living spaces to embrace the vibes of spring.


Read along and see how to spring clean your home, making it thoroughly clean, beautiful, and inviting for this season and beyond.


Best Spring Cleaning Tips: Create a Schedule First

First of all, create a schedule to give your house a deep clean this spring.

What should be included in the schedule?

Make sure to include the areas that are often skipped during routine cleaning. No matter where you start, creating a plan will help you stay focused on the task at hand.


Use a HEPA Vacuum:

A high-quality HEPA vacuum cleaner is more efficient than average vacuums. They can remove more than just dust build-up. They capture tiny airborne particles you cannot spot but can catch allergy triggers such as pet dander and allergens.

Choose the one that is equipped with powerful suction and sealed filtration systems.

If you don’t own a HEPA vacuum, you can use a vacuum that is equipped with attachments like crevice tools, dusting brushes, and hoses that can be used to clean more than just the floor. With these tools, you can easily clean ceiling fans, pillows, cobwebs in corners, and tight spaces like behind furniture.

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Think “Sustainable”:

It is obvious to use chemicals and toxins when it comes to cleaning the house. This spring, try to minimize the use of these products to promote a “green” cleaning.

For example, you can use a steam cleaner to clean your tile, hard floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, microwave, and even outdoor areas.

Steam cleaners only use hot water vapor, making them 100% natural and chemical-free solution.

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can use the natural combinations of white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water. These products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and have been in use for ages.


Go from Top to Bottom:

Make sure to start from the ceiling down. It will drive the debris downwards and eliminate the hassle of re-dusting and re-cleaning your space. If your vacuum is equipped with an extension hose, use it to remove cobwebs and dust from the ceilings and fans first.

Afterward, dust your furniture and other items before vacuuming all the dust and debris resting on the floors.


Clean the Walls Too:

Not all people pay attention to their walls. Keep in mind that dust also settles on the walls. While wall cleaning can be overwhelming and make you clueless, good thing is that you need some simple things to give your wall a deep clean.

Make sure to give your walls a dusting before wiping them. It can be done by a vacuum cleaner. A foam craft brush can also be used to swipe away dust from molding and baseboards.

For a simple wall cleaning, apply a damp towel to wipe down walls starting from top to bottom.

If you are looking to give a deep clean to your walls, you can use soapy water. All you need to fill one bucket with a gallon of warm water and mix clear liquid or dish soap and water in the other. Soak a cloth in the solution and wring it out. Make sure to test a patch to see if leaves behind some sort of stain or to make sure it won’t damage the paint.

Move ahead by giving a gentle wash in circular motions. If you come across stains on painted walls, use baking soda to remove them.

Once you are done with all that, rinse the walls using a soaked cloth in clean water. To dry the walls, run a clean, dry cloth over the surface. Besides, you can keep the windows open to air-dry the walls.


Take Care of Your Windows:

It is obvious to make your windows look as clean as the day they were installed. Clean windows let more light in and can make your spaces more inviting. However, it can be tricky to figure out the right ways to clean your windows while keeping the risk of streaking and scratching at a bay.

While you can use any commercial glass or window cleaner, there are some homemade window cleaning solutions you can try.

All you need white vinegar or distilled vinegar.

Mix one part of this vinegar with the 10 parts of warm water in a spray bottle.

Make sure to wipe down the window with a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove dust before spraying the solution. Spray the entire surface. Use a lint-free towel to rub the vinegar mixture and work it over the dirty spots on the window. Use another second clean cloth to dry your window.

Spring Cleaning Tips | Ecoverde Maids

Declutter Your Home:

No matter how neat and clean you naturally are, it is not difficult to have a pile of books, mails, school supplies, forms, and clothes across the home.

Organizing and de-cluttering can relieve stress for many people by delivering a sense of control.

For others, getting rid of those extra heaps reduces the overall stress level. Whatever your reason is for de-cluttering your living space, here are some simple steps to make your home look clean, organized, and spacious.

  • Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear
  • Designate an in-box tray for keeping papers like manual, bills, receipts, and flyers.
  • Clear off all junks and trash being tossed on the counters and flat spaces.
  • Do de-cluttering once a week.
  • Create a separate box for the items you are not sure if you might need them someday.
  • Teach the kids where they should keep the things. Teaching them this habit will go a long way to keeping your living spaces uncluttered. You can set the example for them by getting into the habit of organizing items yourself.


Pay Extra Attention to Your Kitchen:

A kitchen is the heart of your home. So it deserves some serious cleaning efforts. Isn’t it?

Here are some spring cleaning tips for your kitchen:

  • Pull the trashcan over and place all the garbage and junk being placed on the stools and counter.
  • Spray the counters with multipurpose cleaner, and use a clean washcloth to wipe them. Wipe your stovetop too. 
  • Knocking debris and dust to the floor from the walls and ceilings. 
  • Clear off the dust on the floors.
  • Clean your appliances.


Don’t Forget the Bathroom:

Your bathrooms are one of the most visited places in your home, thereby requiring your attention. Stained faucets, discolored tiles, overflowing cabinets, and dingy mirrors—your bathroom looks ugly over time. Although cleaning a bathroom might not be an exciting job for most of us, it is definitely a rewarding chore you will realize when you enter this zone for refreshing yourself.

Here are some tips to give your bathroom a deep clean this spring.

  • Remove all the items from the bathroom. 
  • Dust down the ceilings and corners. 
  • Dust the vents and fans 
  • Scrub the tub and shower using any commercial cleaner. 
  • Scrub the toilet seat
  • Wash the inside and outside of all cabinets.
  • Wash down the fixtures and sink. 
  • Empty and wash out the trash can.
  • Once you are done with your cleaning, mop the floor. 


Replace Your Furnace and HVAC Filters:

Make sure to replace your furnace and HVAC filters.

It will protect your health as the spring arrives.

Air conditioner ducts build up dust during winter while the filters catch smaller particles.

Therefore, cleaning your HVAC ensures clean, healthy air. Having a clean and serviced HVAC system also helps you save on energy costs. Given that the duct catches dust and dirt over time, the entire system is affected, causing it to work harder.

It not only affects the quality of the air, but also the life expectancy of your HVAC systems. When you keep your duct work and HVAC systems clean, the unit experiences less stress and you can save on heating and cooling cost.

It is important to clean the entire HVAC system—from the point of air entry to air exit through the grilles, reheat coils, mixing boxes, VAV boxes, and other parts.

If you are not familiar with the complexities of the HVAC system or don’t have time to clean it, make sure to hire a certified HVAC professional to do the job.


Give Your Home a Makeover:

Spring is also the right time to give your home a new lease of life. After facing frozen winters, we feel an urge to accentuate our homes and bring in the energy that comes with spring.

You can add colorful pillows or art to enhance your living space for spring. Replacing bedding, towels, table linens and even curtains are some simple ways to give your home an exciting spring makeover. Also, bring in those fresh bunches of daffodils and tulips. If you have more time and energy left, you can consider repainting a room in vibrant colors like green.


The Bottom Line:

Spring is a great time to get your living space in tip-top shape with cleaning and decoration. A deep spring clean-up not only promotes well being by keeping your living spaces organized and clean but also lets you make a fresh start into the summer. We, Ecoverde Maids hope that the aforesaid spring cleaning tips can help you de-clutter and deep clean your abode to make it sparkle and freshen up for this beautiful season and beyond. Put these spring cleaning tips into practice to create a lighter, brighter, and more welcoming space. For more details you may call us at (202) 618-0562.


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