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It Was Never
Just About Stains

When working with a professional carpet cleaner, you get more than just stain removal. Our goal is to make your carpet look and feel like new

Eliminate Allergens

Carpet traps allergens out of the air. With every step you take, you release these allergens back into the air. Our sanitization process gets rid of these though-to-clean allergens.

Remove Hidden Debris

Even the most powerful household vacuums can’t remove all the dirt and debris. Our professional cleaning gets deep into the fibers to clean your carpet completely. That’s good for your carpet and your health.

Erase Foul Odor

Pets, spills, stains, and foot traffic can make your carpet smell. Simply removing stains may not eliminate all odors. Our deep cleaning ensures your carpet smells like new.

More Than Just Vacuuming

We use an efficient hot-water rinse and preconditioning to get the tough stains out. You can enjoy fresher, softer, vibrant, and healthier carpet after using our thorough carpet cleaning.

Our professional services include:

Carpet Owners
Love Our Cleaning

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by over 200 of our customers.
We have been using Maid in Hoboken for the past three years. They are always punctual and professional and try to be accommodating if we need to reschedule a cleaning. The owner Paul is an active owner and that’s always nice to see.
Simone P.

“Super accommodating. I called last minute for a deep clean in between tenants and they were able to adjust schedules to fit me in. Did a very thorough cleaning of an apartment that was left very dirty by previous tenants.”

Ralph C.

We have been using Maid in Hoboken for about 3 years. Service has always been exceptional, without exception. We through a party on a Friday night and left the place a mess. When I arrived Monday, it was as if it never happened. 5 Stars!

Gerald M.

5 stars for Maid in Hoboken! The staff is sweet and friendly. Their service is exceptional. There is no greater feeling than coming home to a freshly cleaned home, especially when Maid in Hoboken has been there!

Chrislady G.

Quality Carpet Cleaning

Flexibility You Desire

Cleaning carpet can take a full day. That’s why we come when it’s most convenient for you. That way, we can clean your carpet when it impacts you the least.

Protection You Need

Carpet cleaning is a specialized type of cleaning. With over 6 years of experience and the newest equipment available, you can be confident in the results.

Keep Your Carpet
Looking Like New

New carpet looks great due largely to the cleanliness and fullness of the fibers. As life happens, so do spills, stains and foot traffic. Our deep cleaning can renew the look and feel of your carpet.

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Whether you want a one-time clean or a recurring cleaning, we’ll arrive on time and give you the best clean possible.

Enjoy Your “Brand New” Carpet

Once we’re done cleaning, your carpet will feel as soft and look as vibrant as the day you got it.

Get Rid Of Ugly Carpet Stains. Let Us Clean For You!

Your Satisfaction:

You deserve the best clean possible. If we miss a spot or make a mistake, we’ll do the right thing and fix it. Period. Watch our video to learn why you’ll love our guarantee.