Don’t Forget to Clean Up These 7 Areas Before Moving Out

Looking to relocate to your dream home? That’s fantastic! For everyone concerned, a new transfer may be an exciting new beginning. However, it also implies that you must vacate your present rental. To enhance your chances of receiving your security deposit returned, make sure you leave your current home in one piece.

1. Ceilings

You probably don’t get up on the ceilings to clean them every week, but make sure you do this time. That’s because the ceiling tends to build up with dust and cobwebs that we don’t always see. You might also find some fruit flies hanging around as well. Remove them all until there is no evidence they were ever there. Don’t forget the corners and the walls.

2. Toilets

Don’t forget to clean those toilets. We might not see them as often, but the toilet can still become quite dirty. You can wipe them down with a cleaning solution and then spray them with a glass cleaner. This ensures that the toilet is nice and clean. Avoid using abrasive products on the bowl, as these can scratch it.

3. Baseboards

Unless you’ve got some serious black mold going on in your home, you’re probably just going to want to clean the baseboards. Don’t remove the baseboards, but make sure they’re clean and you can see the wall behind them. Make sure your landlord doesn’t see any dirt on the wall, or it’s going to be an even bigger mess for you when you get your security deposit back.

3. Appliances

If you leave anything behind, make sure it’s clean. This means appliances, too. You’re going to want to make sure your fridge is empty and clean. Leave the oven empty and remove any leftover racks and racks. Your landlord is also going to want to see the cabinets and how clean they are as well.

4. Clean the Fans

You might not have looked up at the ceiling fans in a while. That’s where a lot of dust and other particles can build up over time. You’ll want to take a vacuum cleaner to all of the fans until they’re nice and clean.

5. Windows

Make sure you clean the windows and the glass in your doors. This is one thing that you want to make sure looks sparkly when you leave. If you leave any marks or streaks, you might be charged for them.

6. Bedrooms

If you leave anything behind, don’t forget the bedrooms. They can get pretty dirty if you don’t clean them after you’ve been in them. Vacuum, wipe down, and then make your bed. Your landlord is going to want to see the carpets, walls, and even the trim.

7. Living Room

Whether you were careful in cleaning your living room regularly or had difficulty keeping up with your pets and daily life, your living room may require a deep clean.

While moving large furniture to clean the living room may be challenging, start with some little jobs before you’re left with an empty area. Take care of some minor housekeeping tasks before moving day.


When you take the time to clean your home before moving out, you’re showing your landlord that you care about the rental property. Not only will a clean home ensure that you get your deposit back when you move out, but it will also likely result in less money coming out of your pocket to pay for any damages that were done to the property during your tenancy.

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