Cleaning and Disinfecting Top of Mind as Delta Variant Spreads

Delta variant — the new coronavirus mutant. Is it more severe? Yes. Should you be worried? No. We have got you covered.

As of August 25, 2021, the US had reported the second-highest number of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant cases in the world with 139,322.

We are still reeling from the wrath of COVID-19 but compared to the previous year, we are more prepared and aware. The key to safely come out safe from this phase is by building your immunity and more importantly, keeping your environment clean and sanitized.

As we are adjusting and coping with the new normal, we are bound to stay more vigilant towards our surroundings, especially what we bring home. The one thing that we cannot risk is toxicity in the vicinity of our homes. Therefore, one should leave no stone unturned to protect your guest, family members, and employees.

So, where to start? Call the best local cleaning services— Ecoverde solutions!


Trust the Experts

COVID-19 may be the first in its type as pandemic and delta variant has made things a bit challenging but clean air has always been a priority for us. We have always been aware of respiratory illnesses that have a strong grasp over health and wellness for ages. There cleaning and disinfecting have always remained top priorities ever since we stepped into this domain.

With cleanliness and disinfection being top priorities these days, choose nothing less than superior expertise and quality workmanship. With over a decade full of tremendous experience and being deemed among the leading cleaning companies in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Ecoverde Maids remain a one-stop solution for all your cleaning woes.

Established in 2012, in a mission to provide cleaning services that remain green and sustainable, Ecoverde Solutions has garnered a strong client base due to its competitive pricing, spotless results, attractive service plans, and helpful customer service.

Innovation, sustainability, and trust— pillars of our experiences services that reflect in cleaning and disinfection services. Even during these unprecedented times, we vow to bring forth the best foot forward to a clean, healthy home that is safe from all sorts of toxicities. With that in mind-

  • Our business is still in the running to be the top cleaning services in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
  • Use a thermal image camera to record the temperature of our team.
  • Protective gears such as face masks, double latex gloves, shoe coverings, PPE kits, aprons, etc. remain a mandatory inclusion in terms of their uniform.
  • Employees come equipped with hand and surface sanitizers to keep themselves and your home sanitized.
  • Practice social distancing during cleaning and between different clients. Even for the most complicated tasks, we use two-person teams only to clean faster, better while complying with the safety protocols.
  • Online payments to reduce all kinds of transmissions and maintain transparency.


Clear the Air

We leave standard cleaning and disinfection to the amateurs. We are professionals and proud of our expertise. Our disinfection methods eliminate 99.99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria. Worst-case scenarios, toxic viral mutants are also cleaned thoroughly from all nooks and crannies.

We use the best commercial cleaning products that leverage the most advanced yet sustainable practices possible to keep the environment safe, clean, and green. Responsibility does not limit to our services but also our values that back the environment as well. Regardless of whether the cleaning is for our commercial clients or residential customers, the idea behind serving you is to provide an impressive and lasting impression that would keep you hooked to the “wow” effect.


Electrostatic Technology — Cards on the table!

It’s time to spill the beans. Our work is a reflection of our vision which is to stay ahead of everything conventional. We use the electrostatic disinfection method that generates negatively charged electrodes into our disinfectant. This becomes a state-of-the-art anti-microbial solution that effectively cleans all corners and surfaces. What makes it safe? We believe in sustainability and pristine conditions and this is why we utilize EPA-approved disinfecting and cleaning solutions. Also, we use products and solutions that are approved, backed, and promoted by health institutes, agencies, and hospitals. Also, they are safe for children and pets.


Extended Protection

Spotless shine, dustless surfaces, disinfected home— what’s better than them? Insured services, no upsells or hidden charges, secured payments, and extended protection. Relax and enjoy the best quality cleaning services that work in compliance with all CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines.

We at Ecoverde Maids, transform houses into safe homes using only the best methods and treatments. Let’s get your home organized, clean, clutter-free, and most importantly sanitized from the best maid and cleaning services. A safe and healthy home is only one call away.