Gaithersburg, MD

House Cleaning and Maid Services in Gaithersburg

Are you looking for a company that offers house cleaning and maid service in Gaithersburg? On the other hand, do you want to maintain the cleanliness of your homes by availing house cleaners who are skilled when it comes to house cleaning and maid services? With Ecoverde Maids, your residence will be spotless. We are professional when it comes to house cleaning and we have been providing maid services that will surely make your home clean and be free from dirt. Hence, the residents of Gaithersburg need not worry because, at Ecoverde Maids, we will make your humble abode clean and ordered.

Maid service and house cleaning services in Gaithersburg. 

We have been performing cleaning jobs that will remove all the dirt, bacteria and other elements that bring unhealthy atmosphere inside the house. There are several cleaning companies that can be found in Maryland, but our difference with others is that we give importance to every city like Gaithersburg. We do not pick our customers, hence if you are a resident of Gaithersburg, we will immediately come for your needs. We are local cleaning services that you can always count anytime.

Ecoverde Maids House Cleaning Price Chart
The pricing depends on the number of bedrooms that are present inside the home. You will never have to worry about the price because we offer discounts to customers who would avail our monthly, biweekly and weekly house cleaning services.

– $119 for 1 bedroom apartment
– $139 for 2 bedroom apartments
– $159 for 3 bedroom houses
– $189 for 4 bedroom houses
– $219 for 5 bedroom houses
– $249 for 6 bedroom houses

If you would like our monthly cleans, you will be able to have a 10% off. As for the biweekly cleans, 15% off is provided and if you prefer weekly cleans, 20% off will be given.

House Cleaning Services
Here, you will be able to acquire great cleaning services that will not only satisfy you, but also your home. We offer all types of cleaning services like routine cleaning, move in/move out cleaning and impact cleaning. Not only that, with our cleaning services, there are inclusions such as we have all the cleaning tools and supplies, we have skilled cleaning teams, we offer great customer service and we will guarantee you with 200% satisfaction.

Ecoverde Maids has been offering maid services in Gaithersburg and also office cleaning. No matter how dirty your home can be, with our cleaning services, we will make your homes uncontaminated and will be free from unhealthy elements that can affect your family. We just do not clean your homes but we also provide house cleaning tips which will help you can clean your house properly. Hence, we are the solution to people that need maid service in Gaithersburg. We will keep your residence fresh and convenient to live in.