Germantown, MD

Germantown House Cleaning and Maid Services

Having a home where dirt, dust, and other elements are evident never makes it a home. There are a lot of homes in Germantown that do not have any time to clean their household and it is all because of their busy schedules. It can never be avoided since people need to earn money for their living. Hence, if you are a resident of Germantown and do not have any extra time to clean your home, the best solution is to avail a professional home cleaning services which will do the work on your behalf. When it comes to local house cleaning services, Ecoverde Maids is the top choice.

Ecoverde Maids has been serving the people of Germantown when it comes to office and house cleaning. We have been providing house cleanings to local residents who are busy with their work. We just do not mainly focus on cleaning the homes but we also offer house cleaner services, which will ensure that everything inside the house is organized. We do not only clean your bedrooms but we also clean the living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. With our professional cleaning service, we will make your home spotless where you will never have any specks of dust on the tip of your finger.

House Cleaning Price Chart
The residential cleaning service that we offer is the average cost for house cleaning which means that you will never have to worry about the prices because we offer reasonable costs that will work within your budget. If you are living in a single bedroom apartment, the cleaning fee is $119. As for the two bedroom apartments or houses, we charge $139. If you are living in a house with three bedrooms, the charge will be $159. With four bedrooms houses, the fee is $189. As to houses with five bedrooms, the cost would be $219 and lastly, if you are living in a house with six bedrooms, the payment will be $249.

The prices that we charge on or customers will greatly depend on the number of bedrooms that they have. However, we guarantee that you will receive 200% satisfaction when you choose us as your local cleaning service. We will never disappoint you; instead, we will exceed your expectation and gratification.

Furthermore, we offer our services to people in need of cleaning services in Germantown. Whenever we perform our responsibilities, we make sure that we will not cause any damage to your homes. We carefully perform our jobs as house cleaners.

Maid and House Cleaning Services that we offer
We offer routine cleaning, impact clean and move in/move out cleaning to our customers. Every service has different inclusions. However, we assure you that we will clean your home from your living areas down to all the areas that need dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, wiping and more.

With Ecoverde Maids, all the residents of Germantown will never have to worry on how they can clean their homes because we are always ready to serve, clean and tidy up the city with our house cleaning and maid services.