How to Create a Wellness Space at Home

by Leah Dupuis


Ever have one of those days when you wish you could just crawl into a hole and disappear? You know, the feeling you get when your toddler is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the department store. That’s when you want to scream, “Calgon, take me away!” But it often takes a little more than a hot bath inside a locked restroom to get rid of stress. You can make a bigger splash with your family by creating a wellness space inside your home. Choosing one secluded area can do a lot to promote physical and mental health. Making this space a priority will help relieve stress and create a balanced home.

1. Choose a Spot

A wellness space in your home can be either large or small, depending on what’s available. Choose a spot that’s set apart from the everyday hustle and bustle of your home. Good options include a back bedroom, an outside patio, or even a large closet that could hold a chair or two. Make sure the space is large enough to be comfortable and not constraining. Other good elements to include? A door or some kind of partition where family members can get away from the noise in the rest of the home.

2. Get Rid Of Your Phone

You want to be free of distractions. While you recharge, let your phone recharge. Few calls are so important they can’t wait an hour.

3. Declutter

Most wellness spaces are sparsely decorated and not overcrowded. The same holds true for the tranquil area you’re creating for your home. Once you find a spot, clear the clutter and start with a clean slate. Allow only items that encourage relaxation and calmness.

4. Add Creature Comforts

A wellness space should be comfortable. If you choose an outdoor gazebo, make sure it’s not swarming with insects. You will notice if your body is uncomfortable and your efforts to relax and promote healing will be in vain. Bring in a nice chair, sofa or even an indoor hanging chair that you enjoy sitting in. You can also use lots of pillows and blankets that are easy to move around. Remember less is more in a wellness space, so pick your items carefully and refrain from overcrowding the area.

5. Tailor to Your Senses

A wellness space in your home should appeal to all your senses. Add some calming music to help your brain relax. Essential oils in a diffuser will give the area a pleasant scent. Even better? Add a few container plants in relaxing colors. Night sky petunias will add a splash of color and a pleasing aroma. And since it’s a native floral, it thrives without much water or maintenance.

6. Set Clear Ground Rules

If you’re sharing your wellness space with the rest of your family, it’s vital to set clear ground rules so everyone can enjoy it. Insist the room not be used as a play area and is strictly for the use of one person at a time. Encourage your kids to use the space when they feel overwhelmed, but don’t use it as a “time out.” Make it clear to family members that anyone using the space is not to be disturbed. Consider putting a timer outside the door, so little ones will know when it is OK to enter.

Remember, the goal of creating a wellness space is to promote relaxation and save your sanity. Even If you can’t find the time to escape, it may be just the trick to calm a screaming, anxious child and give mom some peace and quiet.

Leah Dupuis is a writer, physical therapist and avid yoga student, who has resigned herself to the fact that you can’t work on advanced balance poses in the same room with a rambunctious Cairn terrier.