6 Dirtiest Office Areas for a Cleaning Service to Tend To

The workplace can procure plenty of products and services. However, an office’s level of productivity can imply that employees are working in an unclean space. This can be a negative influence on the staff, as well as a threat to their health and well-being.

A clean environment can be the difference between better morale and safety. And while you might not have the time or energy required to keep your office in top shape, an office cleaning service might be just what you need. With their team, it’d be easier to give employees a clean and healthy environment that fosters growth and furthers productivity.

Here are some of the dirtiest areas in the office that you can have a professional cleaning service tend to:

1) Work Desks

Your employees’ workstations are some of the more crucial areas to focus on when it comes to keeping your workspace clean. While employees themselves can take on the task of cleaning their own area, it’s a good idea to have the desktop and keyboard probably kept and maintained. Paying attention to the equipment will financially benefit your company as well.

2) Break Room

Your break room can produce a great deal of debris, from wrappers and cans to cups and glasses. All of these items can become a source of bacteria, making the break area a ripe target for infection. Thus, regularly vacuuming and disinfecting the area can be a great way to reduce the risk of illness.

3) Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the dirtiest places in an office. Offices with a shared bathroom require even more regular upkeep as well since the bathroom is probably used more often than any other room in the office. The bathroom must be kept in working order at all times, which can be done with regular cleaning.

4) Buttons

Buttons in an office can be a major source of contamination, whether it’s for the elevator, attendance scanner, or other parts of the workplace. People often touch their faces with their hands, which can easily lead to the spread of germs. Have your office cleaning service easily prevent this with a regular wipe-down and disinfection.

5) Door Handles

Door handles are a major source of spreading germs and bacteria. With people constantly touching door handles with each room entered and left, it’s best to invest some of your time and resources into keeping the door clean. This can be easily done by having a cleaning service come in and clean the door handles on a regular basis.

6) Office Phone

While desk phones are getting phased out by emails, there are still businesses that equally rely on them. Even though they are constantly being touched, they still don’t get the attention they deserve. Have your cleaning service wipe down and disinfect the phone and its surrounding area as a way to avoid spreading germs.


Sometimes, you may think that your office is all in order, but you might be surprised by how dirty it truly is. Do your business a favor and call in a cleaning service to handle the maintenance and upkeep of your office, whether it’s deep cleaning appointments or monthly sessions.

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