Choosing between DIY Home Cleaning or Hiring a Cleaning Service

For many, hiring a maid or a house cleaning service could seem like the ultimate luxury. But your time is a valuable asset, and you may be better off doing it if there was something more important and interesting to do with it.

It might be worthwhile to hire a cleaning service if your time would be better spent on something else. It is always a luxury to pay for services you can perform independently. 

Verify that you attend to the essentials first, then compare the price of a cleaning service to your hourly rate.

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Recognizing the Value of Your Time

Each decision you make in life has a price. While some of your choices are clearly solely financial, others demand that you give up other resources, including time.

Opportunity cost is a tool you can use to assess the value of your time. You might believe that your time is worth that much if you make $40 or $65 per hour at work. 

If the maid charges $40 an hour and your time is worth $65 an hour, you might decide that your time would be better spent elsewhere.

But if you feel that your time is worth $30 an hour and the maid charges $40, you should probably do the cleaning yourself because it’s more budget-friendly.

Choosing a Cleaner Home

A maid might be worth a try if you clean your home frequently, or at least occasionally, but aren’t satisfied with the outcomes.

There is a middle ground option. You may agree to maintain the space tidy and clean in between visits while limiting the professional cleaning services to once or twice a month.

Dedicating a few minutes each day to routine pickup can’t hurt. And with a little assistance from a pro, your house might be cleaner than ever.

Think about your budget. Consider the possibility that you owe any high-interest loans or credit card bills. If so, you should prioritize paying them off before investing in a housekeeping service or any other luxuries.

The same holds true for achieving other priorities, such as covering essential living costs, retirement savings, and emergency savings.


You have a few options to think about if you decide you can afford a maid and want to hire one. Selecting between a house cleaning service and a freelance maid is among the most crucial.

Independent maids typically cost less, and all of your payment goes directly to the supplier of the service. An ideal candidate can be suggested by a friend or neighbor.

A professional services firm might have insurance, thorough background checks, and better dependability. Due to the large number of employees in these companies, scheduling is frequently flexible.

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