Ecoverde Cleaning Takes a Step Towards Sustainability with Recycling and Waste Management Training 

Silver Spring, MD – January 24, 2024 – Ecoverde Cleaning, a leading eco-friendly cleaning service, recently partnered with the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services (DSWS) and Tmn.corp to organize a comprehensive training session on recycling and waste management. The event took place at Ecoverde’s office on January 23rd, 2024. 

The training aimed to enhance Ecoverde Cleaning’s commitment to sustainability by equipping employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Led by experts from DSWS and Tmn.corp, the program included both informative sessions and practical exercises.

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During the training, participants engaged in hands-on practice, classifying a wide range of commercial and domestic items based on their recyclability. This interactive approach allowed employees to deepen their understanding of waste management practices and identify the proper disposal methods for different materials. 

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services and Tmn.corp to further enhance our waste management practices,” said John Doe, CEO of Ecoverde Cleaning. “This training has empowered our team to better serve our clients by incorporating sustainable practices into our daily operations.” 

For more information about Ecoverde Cleaning and their commitment to sustainability, please visit www.ecoverdecleaning.com

About Ecoverde Cleaning: Established in 2012, Ecoverde Cleaning is a leading eco-friendly cleaning service dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning solutions while minimizing environmental impact. With a team of trained professionals and sustainable practices, Ecoverde Cleaning strives to create clean and healthy spaces for both residential and commercial clients. 

Media Contact: Carolina Rodriguez, Ecoverde Cleaning Email: director@ecoverdesolutions.com Phone: 202-631-9346 

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