Different Ways You Can Get Rid of Pervading Bathroom Odors

When you think about the high-maintenance rooms in the house, bathrooms are at the top of the list. They are notorious for absorbing unpleasant odors due to their proximity to water and the nature of their use. These odors can build up over time without proper cleaning and maintenance, culminating in an almost intolerable stench.

You must take measures to eliminate bathroom stink, and below are some effective ways to do it.

Scrub Your Toilet Regularly

The inside of a toilet bowl is sure to accumulate a significant amount of residue over time. This residue will inevitably produce an odor when left unchecked. If you want to get rid of offensive odors in your bathroom, you should scrub the interior of the toilet bowl weekly.

Use a toilet cleaning brush and a toilet cleaner for this task. This cleaning liquid sits in the toilet bowl and kills any bacteria. Allow it to sit for a few hours before flushing, and the ensuing odor will be pleasant rather than nasty.

Clean the Bathroom Floors Thoroughly

Bathroom floors are exposed to a variety of unpleasant elements. Whether it’s urine splashing up from the toilet bowl or sweat from soiled clothing, the floor is bound to be the cause of many foul odors.

If you want your bathroom to smell good, you need to clean the floors regularly. It requires deep cleaning that obliges you to go down on your hands and knees and clean every inch of your floor. 

Crawl under your sink, behind your toilet, and in the cracks between the floor and the bathtub. Remove all the filth regularly, and your bathroom will smell significantly nicer.

Light Some Scented Candles 

Getting rid of the origins of offensive scents is only half the battle. You must also add pleasant odors to your bathroom if you want it to smell lovely. This is why it’s important to light candles in your bathroom. 

Light a few scented candles at a time when you know you’ll be at home. Allow those scents to saturate the air in the bathroom, then extinguish the candles before leaving the house or going to bed. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it because it’s inexpensive and effective.

Bring In Fresh Air by Opening Your Bathroom Window

If there’s a window in your bathroom, you should try to open it up as much as possible. This lets the air in your bathroom circulate, allowing foul-smelling particles to escape. Your bathroom will constantly have a stuffy and musty stench if you never do this. 

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, keep the bathroom door open at all times, and then open several windows throughout the rest of the house.

Place an Air Freshener or Spray Near the Toilet

Going number two does not always leave you with the most pleasant odor. You should place a scented spray in the toilet to assist yourself and your guests in combating that odor. Once someone has performed their business, they may spray the area to help neutralize any bad odors that have developed.

Clear Your Drain of Clogs and Clean It Regularly

Drains are exposed to a variety of materials, and most stick to the drains’ walls. The material begins to decay over time, emitting a foul odor. This nasty smell escapes the drains and into your bathroom air.

Make sure your drains are clean if you want your bathroom to smell fantastic. In most cases, a simple liquid cleaner will suffice. However, you should have your drains professionally cleaned at least every three years.


Try the recommendations you find here instead if your air fresheners don’t work out the next time. You may attempt these natural bathroom odor removal hacks at home without having to use harsh, hazardous chemicals. Also, you can always hire a professional cleaning service if you’re too busy.

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