A Guide to Electrostatic Disinfection and How It Works

Whenever we clean surfaces in our home, we often resort to just dusting or wiping any dirt off. However, when doing this, we usually just end up spreading the bacteria and dirt around. Don’t worry though as there is a way to clean these surfaces better, and that is through electrostatic disinfection.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is the cleaning process of using a specialized solution to disinfect surfaces. The specialized solution is an electrostatically charged mist, which is combined with air. This mist is then atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer with positively charged particles. These particles will then cling to any surface because of their charge.

Once the spray is applied, the sanitizing agent in the solution does its work. It disinfects the surfaces leaving them clean and safe to use.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Method?

This method is more beneficial than just regular disinfectant sprays. To learn more about their benefits, keep on reading below.

1. Better Coverage for Larger Areas

Because the solution comes out in the form of a mist, it offers better and wider coverage. It can even get to the hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies and even irregularly-shaped areas. It also means that you can reach more coverage all at once, which is less work for you. You don’t have to keep spraying every now and then, and one spray should be good enough to cover a large area.

2. Reliable Disinfecting Process

This is a very reliable disinfecting process because even hospitals use this. As long as you use the right solution, the spray which is positively charged will stick to all the negatively charged spaces, which are your dry surfaces. Once they stick, they can no longer be repelled, so you know that it is a reliable method to get your disinfectant solution to stick to all places.

However, it is important to note that you need to use the right solution for this. This means that despite the electrostatic charging works, if the solution itself does not have the right disinfecting properties, then it becomes useless as the disinfection part still relies on the cleaning solution used.

3. More Control, Less Waste

Because of how tight the control with the spray bottle is, the easier it is to control where it should go. This makes it better because this means that you will be wasting less of the solution as you need to spray less.

Wasting less of the solution is not only more sustainable, but it will save a lot of money. Many facilities do not realize that they end up spending so much money on cleaning supplies, and a lot of it just goes to waste because it is being used improperly. However, this spray will ensure that you are in better control of the usage and will make sure that you are not wasting too much of the solution and that all your usage of it is actually useful.


Electrostatic disinfection is an excellent and effective method for sanitizing. It gets all of the spots that normal cleaning would not usually reach, and it is faster and more convenient. Make your cleaning of sensitive rooms and areas easier by using this electrostatic disinfection method.

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