How Often Does Your Home Need Professional Cleaning?

So many of us have jam-packed days and weeks. With work, school, children’s schedules, and extracurricular activities, it may appear that there is no time to ensure that your house receives the essential cleaning and attention.

The average American spends two hours each day on domestic duties such as washing, housekeeping, and lawn maintenance. If you want to spend less time cleaning and more time with your loved ones, hiring a professional cleaning service might be the perfect answer.

If you’re wondering how frequently you should hire a cleaning service, keep reading.

Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

If you’re wondering, “Does it pay to hire a professional cleaning service?” The answer is yes! Read the top five reasons your home deserves a professional cleaning service.

1. Reduce Stress

It’s no secret that a messy home can cause stress. A tidy house provides a sense of organization and calmness. With a professional cleaning service, you can forget about your home and focus on the other important things.

2. Ensure Health and Safety

Think of all the places in your home that you wouldn’t want your kids crawling into, like the refrigerator and dusting supplies. A professional cleaning service ensures that your home is safe for you and your family.

3. Save Money

A good cleaning service has cleaning products that are more efficient than what you can buy at the grocery store. And, if you’re going to use the same products at home, you can save money by purchasing supplies in bulk.

4. Reduce Wasted Time

You could be doing countless things with the time you would otherwise be spending on cleaning. With a professional cleaning service, you can focus on being with your family, taking care of a hobby, or working toward your career.

5. Enjoy Your Home

A professional cleaning service ensures you can enjoy your home. You don’t have to worry about the dust bunnies in the corner or the cobwebs that have been building for weeks. Having a clean home will allow you to enjoy the things that really matter.

How Often Does Your Home Need to Be Cleaned?

Cleaning varies among everyone, but the best way to tell how often your home needs to be cleaned is by looking at a few factors.

How Often Are You Home?

If you’re home regularly, then you’ll want to focus on the quick and easy cleaning. Things like dusting the blinds, vacuuming the floor, and wiping down the countertops are all great ways to keep your house looking fresh.

If you’re not home very often, then cleaning services could be the perfect solution. Build your cleaning needs around your schedule and keep your home looking great.

How Many People Live There?

The more people that live with you, the more work is involved. Even if you’re not home often, you’ll still want to make sure your house is clean.

If you have kids, you’ll have to focus on cleaning up after their messes. If you have pets, you’ll have to make sure there isn’t a lot of pet hair in your home.

All of this calls for a more frequent cleaning schedule.

How Old Is Your Home?

The age of your home will also affect how often you need it cleaned. If you have hardwood floors, you’ll want to spend more time sweeping and mopping. If you have carpet, then you’ll want to spend more time grooming.

Cleaning your home will also depend on the age of your appliances and furniture. Newer appliances require less time for cleaning because they have fewer crevices.

What’s in Your House?

If you have a lot of tabletops, countertops, and cabinets, then you’ll need more frequent cleaning. The same goes for hardwood floors and carpets.


The best way to determine how often your home needs to be cleaned is to look at the factors above. If you’re uncertain about how frequently you should hire a cleaning service, start with a monthly visit. Once you determine how often your home needs to be cleaned, you can build your cleaning needs accordingly.

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