How to Clean a Bathroom like a Pro – Here are some Expert Tips

Out of the various household chores, we all do every day, cleaning the bathroom is the most dreaded. Since the bathroom is used every day multiple times, it feels like it is almost impossible to keep it clean. It can get frustrating at times if you are someone who simply loves a sparkling home. And let’s face it, nobody likes to clean all the time. Unless you want to hire the professional house and office cleaning services , you will have to clean your bathroom once every few days. But don’t worry, there are some simple tricks that you can follow to clean your bathroom like a pro. Not only will these tips help you clean it much more effectively but they will also make the job a lot easier.

Here are some expert tips on how to clean your bathroom like a pro:

Use the Power of Heat

Typically when you start cleaning, you would sweep and dust all the surfaces. The problem is those difficult messes that just don’t seem to come off. These accumulations of grime might build up in a number of places such as your shower and your tub. To get rid of them easily, you should ideally fill your tub with a few inches of hot water and let it sit for a while. Once you are sure that this hot water would have been absorbed by all the particles you need to clean, wipe down the surface. This procedure will help you in enhancing the effectiveness of the alkaline cleaners that you are using. You can also use this trick on tile floors and other identical areas. Just be careful to not leave any water behind when you are done cleaning. This simple hot water trick can give you really good results when it comes to cleaning clogged drains too. Just pour some boiling hot water down a clogged shower or sink and see if it gets unclogged before you try any harsh cleaning agents.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Even though this tip might sound simple, it can make your cleaning process much more effective. Always clean your bathroom from the top down. This will not only help you save some energy but it will also stop this task from becoming very tedious and time-consuming. Start at the top. Clean the surfaces and cabinets first. Don’t forget to wash down those tiles. Keep wiping all the dust off and let it fall down on the floor. Once all the top surfaces have been taken care of, start at the floor. This strategy will not only make cleaning your bathroom easier but it will help you keep it clean for a longer time.

Wash Your Toilet Brush and Let it Dry

Your toilet brush is the tool that cleans up the most infected and dirty place in your entire house, your toilet. If you ignore cleaning and more importantly, drying, your toilet brush, you will put it right back in its holder after usage. The germs and moisture that this brush has contacted after cleaning your toilet will get trapped between the brush and the container. Since it is a dark space, these germs will begin to grow, breed, and multiply immediately. And the next time you pick up this brush, you are going to be taking even more germs back to the toilet than you cleaned. Clean your toilet brush regularly without fail and always store it dry to avoid your toilet from getting infectious. You can simply put it out in the sunlight to disinfect it and to let it dry after use.

Shine Your Stainless Steel with Olive Oil

Most bathrooms use stainless steel meshes to avoid objects from going down the drainpipe. But if you don’t clean these, they can become nauseatingly dirty and even get infected. Collect all your stainless steel meshes and clean them with a dash of basic dish soap. Next, you should gently wipe down their entire surface in the direction of their grains to get any stuck particles out. Now that you have gotten rid of all solid objects, dry them with a cloth. Once it is dry, apply some olive oil to the cloth and use it to buff up the stainless steel. Olive oil adds a smooth finishing to your steel products and makes them as good as new. It also makes them less prone to sticky things and makes them considerably easier to clean.

Collect Garbage in a Garbage Bag

When you are cleaning your bathroom, you are likely to dig up a lot of dirt, dust, grouch, and even mold. The easiest way to get rid of this trash without getting dirty yourself is to collect it in a garbage bag. A lot of people tend to leave it collected in a pile in their garbage cans directly. Not only does this leave you with more objects to clean but it can also stick to the new surface that you store it in and even get infectious. And let’s face it, there is nothing harder than cleaning a dirty trash can every day.
Get in the practice of using trash bags for every garbage can around the house and especially your bathroom. That way you don’t have to worry about your garbage getting dirty. After every couple of days, depending upon what and how much waste you produce, replace the garbage bags and throw out the old ones.

Steam clean tiles

Cleaning your bathroom tiles is a particularly tiresome and difficult hands-on task. To clean it easily, you should just let the steam do all the dirty work for you. Steam cleaners can typically be used on a variety of surfaces. They work well with different materials around the house and can help you deep clean it easily and remove any built-up dirt. Most people believe that steam cleaning is just for carpets. The fact is it can make your bathroom shine like a diamond. When a steam cleaner heats up the material, it gently opens up all the pores on its surface. This helps the material to release even the tightest dirt particles. You can simply apply some steam to the surface of your bathroom tile and leave it for a while. Then you should use a rag or a sponge to wipe off all the muck and grime.

Bottom Line

Bathrooms are generally one of the most used rooms of any house. A clean bathroom can go a long way in protecting you from a lot of infections. It also adds a very clean touch to your house. When it comes to bathroom cleaning services, you don’t need to follow a certain procedure, but you can always follow these tricks to make the job easier. Even though there is no right way to clean anything but there are a lot of simple tweaks that can be made to make it easy and less monotonous. Once you start adopting these tricks, you will find that they help you clean more efficiently and effectively. Adopting smarter techniques can go a long way in saving you a significant amount of time and energy while giving you better results.

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