Send the Date Confirmation Text

TEXT CONFIRMATION Scripts TTB Hello [NAME], Thank you for choosing Ecoverde Maids. You are scheduled for our Top-to-Bottom Deluxe cleaning on [DATE], followed by our Ongoing Cleaning every [FREQUENCY] weeks on [DAY OF WEEK]. In preparation for our cleaning technicians, please remove any clutter and pet waste, empty all sinks, and make sure we have correct […]


Add-On services can be included with any cleaning. You may add one or more of these options to a One-Time cleaning, First-Time cleaning, or Move-In/Move-Out Service. For our Recurring Cleaning Service, you may add on to every visit, every other visit, or to one visit only. Our Add-Ons are: Inside Cabinets Inside Fridge Inside Oven […]

Schedule a New or Returning Customer

Check SA to ensure they are not added in already Make sure to check Former Clients & Leads If they don’t have a record, add them using SA Form After adding them into SA using the form (if used): Find them (Search their name) Click on Edit (next to their name) and ensure everything is there Personal info Sales: ALWAYS Edit […]

Check Availability

To Schedule an Appointment, Always check the Calendar for availability Always know the maximum number of B. hours (estimated hours) we can offer. If the hours have reached the maximum number: DO NOT SCHEDULE Offer another Date and Schedule the customer. Please see the images below. Once the customer confirmed the schedule. Proceed to  Adding a Customer article to schedule a […]

Tech Quality Accountability Guide

First complaint Let’s identify if we did a good job setting expectations with the right tools for success We might need to take blame for poor training Review the issue Example Flooring was left sticky, dirt still on the floor, and customers saw streaks. See what the response is Ask if they know how to […]

Reschedule Requested Date Unavailable

Hi Colleen, We received your reschedule request. Unfortunately, we don’t have any availability on Thursday, June 03. Please note since we couldn’t make any adjustments we still have you in for Wednesday, June 02. If that day still doesn’t work for you please submit the form again, we have availability June14, 15,& 17. Sincerely, Becky […]

Preferred Technician Unavailable

Hi Sally, This is _____ with Ecoverde Maids. Informing you Maria will be unavailable for your 6/3/21 clean and we will be sending a different tech.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call. Thank you 😊   NOTE: All our techs are trained in the same way. They went through […]

Managing the Schedule

Route the schedule at least two days prior Pre set the schedule out as far as possible Set the time windows for two days out when leaving for the day to be dispatched early Pay attention to time windows Driving distance Have all techs driving under 20 miles with a goal of 15 Use Scheduler […]

Reschedule Script by Phone

FOR CLIENTS THAT ATTEMPT TO RESCHEDULE BY PHONE IF CUSTOMER wants to cancel their upcoming cleaning: “Oh, I see. Is there any way we can keep that appointment? Our technicians are all booked in advance, so it might be hard to get you back in the schedule.” IF YES, KEEPING APPOINTMENT: “Great, thank you. We’ll […]

A Tech cannot gain access to a home

Every time a Cleaning Tech can’t access will use Slack channel I can’t access. Ask first if they review all the notes If so or if they cannot communicate with the customer call the customer and let them know “My tech is outside your home and we cannot seem to gain access to your home.  […]