Sales Training Audios

Sales Strategies

 – Teams of 2 for oversized houses (more than 3,500 sq ft) more than 6 hours need to be scheduled first thing in the morning. 8 am -10 am. If we don’t, a lot of incidents can happen such as delays, and also the image of an uncoordinated company when 2 CT arrive at a different time. – Filling Spots in […]

Office Communication Policies

Here is a list of best practices for office staff communications. The purpose is to simplify communications and cut down on notifications. Helps individuals and departments sort through messages that apply to them or their department and focus on priorities for meeting the goals of each role. Slack Guidelines Make sure your alerts/notifications are on […]

Core Values

Be humble. Have quiet confidence and respect for others. Help create a great atmosphere to work in. Treat others well, smile and be friendly. Say “please” and “thank you”. Teamwork, help each other accomplish more. Great service, WOW the customer. Operation excellence through constant improvement Be a problem solver, take the initiative. Be a good […]

Employee Termination

Every employee that terminates with Ecoverde Maids should complete the following form

Training Follow up

Contact the trainee daily to check in On the last day of training talk to trainer to make sure the trainee has passed training Follow up with trainee that they are comfortable to go solo Ask them to please fill out training feedback form Have trainer come with trainee to get their supplies, ensure they […]

Last Day of Training

After completing last day of training, employee completes this 2 forms prior to come to the office Final Interview   Trainer Evaluation

Check References

Contact at least 2 past employers following these steps: Call the ask who you can speak to to verify dates of employment If you cannot reach a past employer, let the candidate know and see if they can find better contact information Ask to verify dates of employment. Check to see if it matches the […]