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Sales Script

KISS (Keep it simple stupid!)

Always assume the sale

  • Use urgency words
  • Assume they are going to schedule (Be confident)
  • Don’t ask closed ended questions
    • Words that end with a yes or no
  • Ask open ended questions that makes them answer you

Don’t word vomit – Less words less mistakes

  • Be simple and to the point
  • Giving too much info or asking too many questions confuses people and you will lose the sale as they become confused.


Sales Rep: “Thank you for calling Eoverde Maids this is Pablo how can I help you today?”
Customer: “I am looking for house cleaning”
Sales Rep: “Great; I can definitely help you with that, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today? (Always ask for their name)
Customer: “My name is Susan”
Sales Rep: Susan, May I have the zip code of your property? (This will help to qualify the call)
Customer: “85014” (If they are not in our service area, hang up as soon as possible to get the next call)
Sales Rep: “How did you hear about us, where did you find us”?
Sales Rep: “Awesome; we service the area. We do our pricing based on the square footage of your home, so how many square feet is your home?”
Customer: “My home is 2700 sq feet”
“Awesome; we service the area.
Sales Rep: “Susan, are you looking for a one-time type of cleaning or something ongoing?”
Customer: “Maybe something once a month”
Sales Rep: “The first time is always a little bit more as we do a deep cleaning of the home than a lot less after that for ongoing maintenance. As well as we apply a $50 discount to that first cleaning if you are scheduling the ongoing service.

A one-time deep cleaning is normally $319 but scheduling ongoing service, we will give you a $50 discount, so it will be only $269 then every 2 weeks maintenance cleanings is only $119. I can also get you scheduled as early as (date) as I had a cancelation that I can fit you right into :)”

If the client wants to proceed:
Sales Rep: Oh! That’s Great! I’ll just need to get a little bit of information from you and we’ll get you all situated.
Full name:
Phone number:
Complete address and verify details in Zillow.com (specially verify square footage):
Number of bathrooms:
Entry Access:
CC details, card number, exp date, security code:
Verify billing zip code:
“Just to confirm if I have everything right…
I have your address as ____
Your email as ________
I have you down for a Top to bottom on ___
Then every two weeks after on Wednesdays.”
Sales Rep: “We do require a $100 non-refundable deposit for all new services that will be applied towards your initial cleaning. If you need to change or cancel any cleanings we ask that you please give us more than 48 hours’ notice so we can schedule someone else in there. We do have a $100 late cancellation/reschedule fee if canceled or changed within 48 hours.”
Sales Rep: “Then last I will be sending you an estimate when we are done here. It includes what is done during each cleaning. It is important that you please look that over so you know what to expect as well. And If you can please accept it for me via email. That would be amazing!”
Sales Rep: “We also send you a before we clean email that fully explains what we do and do not do so that helps as well with knowing what to expect from us. Alright?”
Sales Rep: “Thank you Susan. I have you all set for that TTB then recurring every two weeks following on Wednesdays starting on XX. Would you also like to leave any gratuity for your cleaning tech? Most people do however it is completely up to you.”
**If yes, ask if they would like to leave it going forward as well for all recurring so we can automatically add it into their invoice for them.**
Once again, this has been Catherine. Have a wonderful day! If they choose to leave it please follow the **how to add tip instructions below. All tips before services rendered will be added to the job itself!
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