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A Tech cannot gain access to a home

Every time a Cleaning Tech can’t access will use Slack channel I can’t access.

  • Ask first if they review all the notes
  • If so or if they cannot communicate with the customer call the customer and let them know “My tech is outside your home and we cannot seem to gain access to your home.  Is there maybe a hide key or garage code?”
  • If no answer text right away (Most people respond via text)
  • Let the tech know via Slack channel “I can’t access” you called then texted but let’s give them 5 minutes to respond then you will follow up in the next ten minutes
  • Give the customer 5 minutes to respond
  • Still no response?  Text the customer letting them that unfortunately you will have to charge the lock out fee if you have not heard back in the next 5 minutes.
  • If still no response call the techs next home and see if they can arrive earlier, and follow instructions on charging the lock out fee
  • Don’t forget to follow up with the tech right away and keep communication with them in slack. Use the green check icon to show that you are taking action about this matter.
  • The tech should not ever wait more than 15 minutes and if you are taking care of the issue you have to finish it!
  • Let the dispatcher know in the slack channel what has transpired so they can follow up with back end items if needed.
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