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Adding a Tag to a client

Tags are a way to identify and classify clients.

Check list of tags 

Tag Name Customers Teams
A Top Client  
Assign to the same team (M) Assign to same team (if possible)  
Avoid We don’t want this client  
B Great Client  
Barter Barter Client (Adjust total price as -) This clients don’t pay with money. Just sales and tip  
BNI Client that came from BNI  
C We don’t care much about keeping this client  
CFR Cleaning For a Reason. This is a cancer client that gets 2 cleanings during 2 months free.  
Client solicited cleaning services to the cleaner. *****avoid**** Very clear as the title says  
code 10 Extreme Dirt  
Commercial Commercial client  
Dirty10 Extreme Dirt  
Disinfection Electrostatic disinfection with fogger  
E Client needs to be fired  
Electrostatic Electrostatic disinfection with fogger  
Flex House  
Free Fridge
Free Oven
Free oven and fridge  
Llaves Maria
Nivel 11
Nivel 9-10  
No Irene  
No Maria  
No Marilyn
only afternoons
only Elena  
only jackie
Property Manager
Stripe Dispute  
Team of 2
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