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Adding a Tag to a client

Tags are a way to identify and classify clients.

Check list of tags 

Tag NameCustomersTeams
ATop Client 
Assign to the same team (M)Assign to same team (if possible) 
AvoidWe don’t want this client 
BGreat Client 
BarterBarter Client (Adjust total price as -) This clients don’t pay with money. Just sales and tip 
BNIClient that came from BNI 
CWe don’t care much about keeping this client 
CFRCleaning For a Reason. This is a cancer client that gets 2 cleanings during 2 months free. 
Client solicited cleaning services to the cleaner. *****avoid****Very clear as the title says 
code 10Extreme Dirt 
CommercialCommercial client 
Dirty10Extreme Dirt 
DisinfectionElectrostatic disinfection with fogger 
EClient needs to be fired 
ElectrostaticElectrostatic disinfection with fogger 
Flex House 
Free Fridge
Free Oven
Free oven and fridge 
Llaves Maria
Nivel 11
Nivel 9-10 
No Irene 
No Maria 
No Marilyn
only afternoons
only Elena 
only jackie
Property Manager
Stripe Dispute 
Team of 2
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