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Calendar Optimization

I know I am doing a great optimization of the Ecoverde Maids calendar when…….
– Cleanings are in close in distance (no more than 20 minutes).
– Cleanings are done by the same CT. There must be a major reason why we assign a new CT to a regular client.
– Employees should be in level 3 pay which means that they work more than 36 JTH (Jon Ticket Hours) a week. At least the veterans CT. New CT can take up to 3-4 weeks to get to Level 3.
We need to make sure we take care of the employees that are already part of our family. Then, the rest.
– A team of 2 CT are assigned to do a big cleaning (more than 3,000 sq ft) , the JTH showing in L27 should be half. Make sure you communicate and remind that to CTs that the time they need to be in the house is half.
– Calendar should be closed 4 days ahead of time. 
– Know who our Favorite, Flexible, Nice, Open clients are. You might call, text, email them to fill spots. Barter broker Karen Callahan is also a contact to have in mind. The importance of creating relations with customers and dissection their profiles to know them better.
– Call, email, text, recent leads with a flash sale when we need to fill spots.
Please refer to these parameters as much as you need in order to achieve the goal : have our employees occupied, financially stable and happy.
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