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Calendar Optimization

GOAL: Keep employees schedule full without any conflict. 

REQUIRED: Have Master Schedule updated. The MS should be used along with Jobber calendar to know the capability for new sales and the working hours for the Cleaning Techs.

Booking spots: 8-10  / 10-12  /  12 – 2 pm /  2 pm – 4 pm                  Employees working hours 8 am – 5 pm 

This means having the JTH (Job Ticket Hours) tracked along with driving. Employees should have 7.3 average of working hours per day.

One Time Clients – Monday & Tuesday

Monthly – Monday & Tuesday

Bi/Weekly – Wednesday /Thursday / Friday

Employees: Irene / Marilyn /Jacqueline / Gladis

  • Try to assign the same clients to the same cleaners. That is consistency in the results
  • Read tags that are in client’s profile carefully. They have important information
  • Update calendar anytime there is a reschedule or a change (add/ remove extra in the booking), tips.
  • Fill a spot when a cancellation happens. When this happens, look at that day and see if there is an employee overloaded so you can assign one of her houses to the employee that got a cancellation. If not, try to go to the next day and try to move one of the Flex House clients. Remember that our goal is to give our employees a full daily schedule.
  • Joker Clients to fill out the schedule.


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