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Clients Classification


  • Barter Clients- This clients don’t pay cash so they can’t be charged online. Update manually their price so they only pay sales taxes. At the end of the month email karen@bartersaves.com with the amount of sales for Barter Clients
  • CFR (Cleaning For a Reason) – This clients receive 2 hours of free cleaning (set the time in the system). Update manually if necessary in the system.


COMMERCIAL (they have tag commercial)

  • Investement Management – Nicola, Emily Motto (contact info)
  • Tivoli Community – Invoices need to be sent every Tuesday to kbrown@cviinc.com
  • Watassa Management

Clients have also tags that provide information about them.

If you need information about a client refer first to the CRM to look up any notes or tags, then inbox typing his/her contact info and later if you need any clarification ask a colleage.

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