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Entering Leads

All leads should be added to Service Autopilot even when they consider us too high, will call back, shopping around, etc. 

  • Always qualify the customer first (do we service the zip code, what type of service do they want, etc)
  • Make sure to get a First/ last name, email address, and phone number, source, zipcode, for the lead you are creating (If they don’t provide an email address still add them with the info you got)
  • Change the source
  • Add your name as the sales person
  • Make notes on the profile about the conversation
  • If they say our price is too high, found another company, will call when ready please CLOSE the lead and choose a drop down accordingly
  • If you see a lead that is in our system more than once → go to CRM → LEADS → Type the name of the duplicate lead → ACTION → DELETE LEAD
  • Google local: add the name, add detailed notes, and add them to SA. (change the source to google local, close the lead if it applies)
  • Angie’s list/home advisor/next door: Call the lead, fill out the form with the information provided from angie’s list/home advisor, nextdoor change the source
  • Yelp: send a message to the lead by clicking “ask a question” ask when is the best time to call, etc. add them to the system if you at least have the name and number
  • Tawk: verify if the lead is in SA, if it is not add them to Copper using the information provided by tawk
  • Email / Inbox: (email leads) type in the name and contact info into SA, call the lead immediately


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