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Interview Process

Once a form is filled out we will recevie the pool of aplicants in Clickup Hiring Folder

1.Check the location of the candidate.

Use Google Maps to check if the candidate lives too far from the office, no more than 30 minutes away from the office (914 Silver Spring Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910, EE. UU.) Let’s avoid long distance locations.

We are looking for long term employees, and distance is a big factor to keep in mind. Do you imagine yourself driving +40 min to work? Maybe the first weeks may not be a big deal… But after a month or months? 

Phone Interview

Call applicant and ask the pre-screening questions (see questionaire in Click up)

  1. Are you over 21?
  2. Are you vaccinated?
  3. Do you have a licensed and insured vehicle?
  4. Do you have an SSN or Tax ID?
  5. Are you available to work Mon–Fri between 8 AM and 5PM? 
  6. Ask for cleaning experience. 

If they pass the phone interview, set them up for an Zoom/in-person interview and change status to move candidate to the Hiring Pipeline in Clickup 2nd Interiew.

Zoom access with info@ecoverdesolutions.com and record the interview

Zoom Interview – Start with a brief presentation of Ecoverde Maids. There are two versions (look in drive for Hiring Presentation)

Upload the zoom recording to the candidate Clickup profile and tag supervisor to approve/disapprove candidate.

If candidate is selected go to Tech On Boarding



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