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Irresistible Offer Sales Script

Irresistible Offer Sales Script


Cx: I’d like to get a quote for my home.

VA: Of course! I would be happy to tell you a little about what we do and give you that estimate. I’ll just need to get a little more information from you to see if we’re a good fit. Does that sound good?

Cx: Yes.


VA: Great and what’s your name and is your number _____(read numbers) in case we get disconnected? Thank you. Have you ever used a professional cleaning company in the past?


If they say no: Oh, you are going to love having a cleaning service! I hope you are starting to plan all the things you will be able to do with the extra time you’ll have! Since you are new to this, I’ll explain how it works.


If they say yes: Okay, great! Then I’m sure you understand the basics, so I’ll just explain how we are different than those you may have used in the past.


  • We are a family owned local cleaning company we are not a franchise and we have been in business for the past 10 years serving clients in all DC Metro Area. Our office is in Silver Spring downtown (914 Silver Spring Ave, #116 Silver Spring, 20910)

  • We have transitioned to solo cleaners (except for big projects) as a way to give a consistent service and to reduce exposure during this pandemic. All of our cleaners wear full PPEs (mask, gloves and booties). We disinfect all of our equipment between cleanings. 

  • Our cleaners are professionally trained, vetted we are fully bonded and insured.

  • We offer free cleanings to patients with cancer through a non-profit call Cleaning For a Reason.

  • We take the responsibility of cleaning your home very seriously. We have a 100% happiness guarantee, and we stand by that. What that means is if you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, we will send someone back to fix whatever was missed within 24 business hours because you deserve to get exactly what you are paying for. Would you agree?


Cx: Absolutely! 


VA: Perfect. Then we are on the same page! Now I just need some information about your home so that I can give you an estimate. 


  1. First, let’s make sure we service your area. What is the address of the home?
  2. Do you know the square footage? [If not, you can look this up on Zillow.com] 
  3. Does that include a basement? (don’t ask this if there is a suite/apartment number)
  4. How many bedrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned?
  5. Do you have any pets or kids in the home? 
  6. On a scale of one to ten with one being immaculate and ten needing a spring/deep cleaning, what would you rate your home? (Add two to whatever they say.)
  7. Are there any areas of the home that we would not be cleaning?
  8. How did you hear about us?
  9. Great, and what’s a good email so I can send you this information when we are done?
  10. Okay, name, so as you may have guessed, you would have a deep clean to start, which typically takes longer than your recurring service, (around an hour) but you just so happened to call on the perfect day, because today only, when you sign up for biweekly service, we are giving away a free oven cleaning and a free upgrade to a deep clean. 
  11. So based on what you described, I would estimate your biweekly rate right at _______, and that first time deep clean would normally be _________. However, with that special offer today, your initial deep clean including the free oven cleaning would be charged at the same rate as your recurring service of ______ instead of ______. When were you looking to get on the schedule?
  12. [Find them a spot on the calendar, and when you do, say:] I have a spot at time on date. Does that work for you?


If they say yes: Perfect! I’ll just need your card number to hold your spot, and then I’ll get that confirmation sent right over along with our customer guidelines, which we’ll just need sent back digitally before we arrive.


If they say no: No worries. I will email you your estimate information with a link to our services page so that you can see a detailed description of exactly what’s included and if you do decide to take advantage of that offer, just give us a call back before 5 PM today, and I’d be happy to get you on our schedule!


**If they ask how long they have to remain a recurring customer to get the special offer, we require at least four recurring cleanings, and if they cancel before that time, the difference in the price will be charged to the card on file.


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