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Lead Follow Up Process

Estimate Procedure

STEP 1- Phone/Website Request Leads:

  1. Kindly respond to clients professionally through email or phone call. **See 2022 Script Sample in folder**
  2. In the LEADS FORM notebook Capture as much information on the phone as you can. Follow the order of the Lead Sheet.
  • Contact Info including phone, email and address
  • Square Footage (Look up on Zillow if Client doesn’t know)
  • Type of service they are looking for? 
    • ONE TIME: TTB- Hand Wipe all surfaces. 2 times longer 
    • Recurring Service: Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly
  • Use de excel calculator to provide price
  1. Provide initial quote range based on sq. footage of home. Explain that starting with a top to bottom cleaning is recommended and how it is a great starting point for continued service.
    1. 1 hour for every 800 Sq. Ft.  standard cleaning time with our training system

(See our excel calculator)


STEP 2- Create Quote- **Should be done right after the prospect request**

1) Convert “REQUEST” to “QUOTE” in Jobber if the request came through the form. If the prospect came via phone, create a “QUOTE”.

2) Transfer all data into Client quote. Be very detailed as to what the client requested.

3) Be sure to include “Client Bio” in internal notes section so teams know some background about the

client. Any special events they have coming up.

4) Attach Ecoverde Maids Brochure and Policy Procedures in the QUOTE (Find in Welcome Package Folder)

5) Email Client “Quote” from Jobber


STEP 3- Follow Up/ Approval

1) Follow up within 48 hours. Any questions or are they ready to approve services.

2) Once quote is approved- “CONVERT TO JOB”

Step 5- Schedule Cleaning

1) Look at the schedule and see where the client will fit in. (Day of the week, Location, Job Hours)

2) Be sure to look at following weeks to see if there is room



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