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Managing the Schedule

Route the schedule at least two days prior

  • Pre set the schedule out as far as possible
  • Set the time windows for two days out when leaving for the day to be dispatched early
  • Pay attention to time windows

Driving distance

  • Have all techs driving under 20 miles with a goal of 15
  • Use Scheduler option to see distances.

Notify customers

  • Launch 27 sends 2 automatic email reminders prior to the cleaning (3 days and 1 day before the day of service)
  • If a tech no longer works for us notify their customers three days ahead or more and offer another tech similar that lives in their area.
    • Remove the name of that tech in the custom fields
    • Make a to do to follow up and see how they like the other tech note in client’s profile

Update how many hours can be scheduled a day

  • Multiply how many techs that are available by 6.7
  • Let everyone know what we can schedule up too
  • Manage launch 27 by blocking days available online to be booked if we are at capacity
    • Make sure to reopen days if things change

Setting team homes

  • Make sure to set them up for success
  • Team homes have to be in the 8 am ETA to avoid traffic and waitings.
  • Who works well together?
  • Put a newbie with someone who has been here awhile
  • Can they communicate?

Use the tech scheduling document

  • Make sure to use the ratings to set your schedule
  • New techs need to slow into it
  • Dont give a new tech a large home
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