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Master the Sales Pitch

Detailed Sales Script

It covers pretty much everything that may come up during a sales call.


Ecoverde Maids , this is Carolina, how may I help you?

Yeah, umm I was wondering if I could get a quote for some cleaning in my house…

Absolutely! May I get your name?

Arthur Weasley

Okay, Arthur, I would be happy to give you a quote over the phone and will just need some information from you about the home. Sound good?

Yes, sounds good

How did you hear about us, Arthur?

I just Googled cleaning services, and you had the best reviews.

Well, we definitely take quality very seriously here and have been blessed to have worked with some truly wonderful people. I’m glad you did some research. I always research everything before I buy, so I totally get it!

Oh, definitely. My wife Molly just wants to make sure we have a professional company in here because we have a lot of really valuable items all around the house. 

I completely understand! Your house is where your most prized possessions are, and you want to make sure any service company coming in is insured and bonded for that exact reason, which of course we are. 

That’s good to hear!

Okay, so let’s double-check and make sure we service your area. What is the address?

123 The Burrow, Devon, Missouri 63028

Great. It looks like you are definitely in our service area! And what’s a good email for you so I can send this info to you when we are done? 


Okay, got it! And what is the square footage of your home?

Well, I’m not sure exactly, but it is 7 floors. Each floor only has one or two rooms, though, so it’s really really split level…

Not a problem, I’ll just pop it into Zillow really quick, and it should show the square footage…my goodness, that sounds like a super interesting house! Did you buy it that way, or have you added on?

Oh, we added on quite a bit years ago…

Here it is! It looks like the home is listed as 3,500 sq ft. Does that sound about right?

Yes, that would make sense.

Okay, great, and is there a basement included in that?

Nope, no basement.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms would we be cleaning?

Five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

And are there any kids or pets in the home?

We have seven kids, but only five still live at home. We also have a few owls.

Wow! It sounds like you live in a fun environment!

Yeah, it is definitely a magical place to be…

Okay, Arthur, and has your home been professionally cleaned any time in the recent past?

No, not professionally, although Molly would probably kill me for saying that. She has always done the cleaning herself, but I just want to give her a break. She is going through a lot right now.

I see. Well, I’m glad you called us! We would love to help her out and relieve some of that stress so that she can spend her time with all those amazing kids of yours!

Yes, she would love that.

So, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the dirtiest, what would you rate your home?

You won’t tell Molly what I say, right?

It’ll be our little secret. lol

Okay, honestly, I would say it’s probably a seven.

Got it, and did you need a quote for weekly or bi-weekly service?

Oh… I guess I didn’t realize you did that.

Absolutely! Recurring service is our specialty! We always do a deep clean to start to get it to our standard of clean. During that first cleaning, we will be cleaning your home top to bottom, and you can see a detailed breakdown of everything included on our website magicmaids.org. After that, we will perform a recurring service so that it is much easier for you and Molly to maintain!

Okay, well, then I guess I’d like a quote for both!

Not a problem! So based on the variables you told me, I would estimate your weekly service right around $220 and your bi-weekly service around $250. Now, as I said, that first cleaning would need to be a deep cleaning to start with and typically takes two to three times longer than your recurring cleanings. I would estimate your initial deep clean around $650. 

Now because this is an estimate over the phone, the way that it works is when my technicians are about an hour away from their scheduled completion time, they will let me know if they are right on track, or if they are going to need extra time. Of course, we would never charge you one penny extra unless you approved it, so if they do need extra time, I will be giving you a call, and you will have the option to either approve it or to stay within your original estimate, understanding it will be left incomplete on this visit and may add extra time to that first recurring clean that follows. Does that make sense? 

Yes, that makes sense.

Perfect. It looks like I have a spot available for that initial deep clean on Monday the 18th at 8 AM. How does that sound? *(If they aren’t ready to book, skip to the last section.)

That works for us!

Great! Now, are there any areas or items in your home that you do not want the technicians to touch? I know you mentioned you guys have a lot of valuable things in there.

Oh, right, well, I guess I meant valuable to me. You guys probably won’t think they are valuable. My wife doesn’t get it either haha. So no, everything is fair game.

Okay, perfect, and we do try to use the client’s vacuums when we can in order to prevent cross-contamination. Do you have one in good working order?

Yes, we do, it’s in the hall closet off the laundry room.

Got it. And will someone be there to let the technicians in, or did you have an entry code you would like to provide?

Oh, my son, Ron will be here. He can let you in.

Okay, great! Now as far as your recurring service goes, we have a spot open every Tuesday at 11:30 am. Does that work with your schedule?

Yes, that should be fine. 

If there ever were a situation where one of your cleaners have an emergncy, is your arrival time on Tuesdays flexible?

Yes, anytime is fine.

And are there any other days of the week you would be able to switch to if the rest of the staff were fully booked in that situation?

I can’t do Wednesdays because I have my spark plug enthusiast meetings that day.

So any day but Wednesday, got it!

Okay, Arthur, I have you on the schedule for that first-time top-to-bottom clean on Monday the 18th at 8 AM and then recurring starting every Tuesday thereafter starting on the 26th. I just need to get your card on file to confirm, and then you can go tell Molly the good news!

Ok! Here is my card info…

Thank you. You are all set! You will get a confirmation email in just a minute with all the details of the cleaning, as well as a copy of our customer guidelines. Please make sure to read through that document, as it answers any questions you may have about how to prepare for our arrival, our cancellation policy, etc., and if you could just digitally sign them before the big day, and let me know if you have any questions at all! Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, so feel free to give me a call or shoot us an email any time! Did you have any other questions?

Nope, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

I’m so glad! We can’t wait to meet you guys and see this amazingly cool house of yours! We will see you Monday morning. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

You too, Courtney!


**If they aren’t ready to book, continue here:


Well, I really need to talk it over with Molly first, she would not be happy if I booked something like this without talking to her. 


I completely understand! I have your email, so what I am going to do is send you all your quote information and a link to our website so that you can show Molly exactly what we can do for you guys, and then I will touch base with you tomorrow. Did you have any more questions for me in the meantime? 

Nope, thank you so much!

You’re very welcome, Arthur. You guys have a great night!


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