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Opening Offer

Opening offer

First Cleaning (Offer DB preferred date. Most customers will take it immediately.) 

“For your first cleaning, we have [DATE] open, which I can save for you right now. Will that work?”

If No:

“Okay. The next available date after that is [DATE]. How about that?”

Once you get to Yes: 

“Great! I’ve got that booked for you! The cleaning technicians will arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 am./ 10 am- 12 pm / 12 pm – 2 pm/ 2pm – 4 pm.

If: “I want to be home.”

“Oh, we don’t require that. In fact, most of our clients aren’t home when we clean. We’ll just ask you for an entry method, like a door code or a hidden key, and we’ll let ourselves in and then lock up when we leave. Our technicians are wonderful that way. They do it every day.”

If: “No, I really need to be there.”

“Sure, that’s fine. We’ll send you the 3-hour arrival window the day before, and we can send you a notification when the technicians are on their way, so you can make sure you’re home. Would that work?”

Most customers will be happy by now. 🙂

If customer is happy now, Skip to Transition to Recurring Cleaning.

If they are still demanding a precise arrival time, then offer to reschedule.

“I understand, would [DIFFERENT DAY] be more flexible for you? I’m happy to check for availability in your area on that day if you’d like.”

If: “No, I need an exact time no matter what day.”

“Would it help if I could narrow it down to before 10 a.m. or after 10 a.m.? Because I see that I have those two options available right now for [DATE/DAY]. And then, of course, we would still send you the arrival window and the notification in advance. Does that work for you?”

If No:

“Would another day of the week work for you with this time block?”

Very few people will still say: “No, I really have to know the exact time.” If they do:

“I understand. I’d love to give you a precise time, but there are so many variables in our schedule that I’d hate to disappoint you we ended up being earlier or later.

The problem is that our technicians’ schedule changes every day depending on how many houses need cleaning and where they are. Some jobs take more or less time than we expect, and we have to estimate travel time, so we just can’t promise exactly where we’ll be at a specific time.

So what we can do is to fit you in to the block before 10 a.m. or the block after 10 a.m., but we can’t get more precise than that until the day before your cleaning when we set our route for the day. And I definitely don’t want to promise something unless I know we can follow through.

But, as I said, you don’t have to be there when we come. Our cleaners are all total professionals. We conduct background checks on everyone and we also do our own training. They’ll just come in and do their cleaning magic whether you’re there or not.

Would you like me to go ahead and book [LAST OFFERED DATE AND TIME]?”

If Yes: 

“Great! I’ve got that booked for you!

The technicians will arrive [] . Would you also like us to send you a text when the technicians are on their way?”

If “No,” then give them a chance to leave while still creating a good impression of Ecoverde Maids. Most of the holdouts will now book with us anyway, as long as you’re positive and professional.

“Okay. I understand that you really need a specific time guarantee. As I said, we can’t offer that, but there may be someone that can do that for you. Would you like for me to check around and see if I can find another cleaning service that guarantees a specific time in advance?”

If Yes, then do it and follow up with them! Some will schedule with us after they have a chance to think about it. And even if we don’t get their business now, they will have a good impression and will pass that on to others.


Transition to Recurring Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning 

“Awesome! So now let’s get you in our schedule for your recurring cleaning service. This is great because once we get you set up with the day of the week, we’ll save it for you, so you’re guaranteed that spot in our schedule. It’s really nice to always know when your house is going to be cleaned.

For your area, I have a regular spot open right now on [DB PREFERRED DAY OF WEEK], starting [START DATE]. Will that work?

If “Yes“:

“Great! I’ve got that booked for you. So we’ll be there every [DAY OF WEEK]/every other [DAY OF WEEK]/every fourth [DAY OF WEEK], starting [START DATE]. And, of course, we’ll send you reminder notifications before every cleaning, including a reminder the day before with the 2-hour arrival window. We also send you a follow-up so you know that we’re done.”

If client says “No,” but there is another approved day of week that you KNOW is open, then: 

“Okay, how about [DAY OF WEEK], starting [START DATE]. Is that better?”

If client says “No” and there is no other approved option available:

“Okay. It gets a little tricky for us in your area on other days. Let me check with our Scheduling Department and see if they can help us find a good day for you.”

Check with Scheduling Dept. and report back to customer with available options. Do this in real time if possible, so there is no additional call required. If it is not possible to get approved day during this call, make arrangements to resolve issue and return call ASAP to conclude sale.

For clients who requested to be notified when technicians are on the way and/or requested a pre/post 10 a.m. time block for their first cleaning:

“So for your first cleaning on [DATE], we discussed that we will guarantee you a time slot before/after 10 a.m. / send you a notification when the technicians are on the way. Is that something you need for future cleanings as well? Because we will always send you the regular reminders including the 2-hour arrival window before all of your recurring cleanings, so I want to make sure we aren’t sending you too many notifications.”

Transition to conclude sale 

Additional questions JUST IN CASE:

If client asks: “Will I always have the same technician?/Can I always have the same technician?

“We can’t guarantee the same technician each time, but honestly all of our technicians are awesome! This is actually one of the benefits of our company. Instead of hiring just one person, we have a whole team of cleaners and most of them have been with us for years, so they’re all total pros. That way, even if one of them changes their schedule or takes a vacation, we can still clean your house on the same schedule!”

If client asks to only have technicians who meet a discriminatory criteria, like a certain gender, English-only, etc.:

“We cannot accommodate that. Our technicians are all great people and very professional and hard working and we absolutely guarantee their work, so if you are ever unhappy with a cleaning, just call us up and we will fix it, free of charge.”


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