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Operations Manual

  • Business Why: ECOVERDE MAIDS is a service based business in which we provide professional residential house cleaning. Our long-term success is the result of providing a satisfactory experience for both the customer and the employee.
  • Business Mission: To be a great company with happy employees and happy customers. 
  • Business Values: Reliability, Excellence & Giving


Ecoverde Maids is a woman-operated business servicing the Washington DC metro area.  Carolina Rodriguez is the President of Ecoverde Maids.  She takes great pride in providing professional, quality cleaning services and doing business with the integrity and character you’d expect of a locally owned small business.  Not only does Ecoverde provide quality customer service and house cleaning service, we also give back to our community.  We are a proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason, a non profit that donates free cleanings to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Our hearts are always full when we give back to our community.

Ecoverde Maids has a cleaning and office staff of 6 courteous and professional house cleaners that have provided our excellent customer service and house cleaning services to thousands of satisfied customers in the DC, MD, and NOVA areas.

We are an EMPLOYMENT- FIRST company, we are committed to improving their lives so they can make a difference and improve the lives of everyone we encounter: co-workers, customers, family, and friends.  THEREFORE, These CORE VALUES dictate our company policies and who we do business with, who we hire and fire, and how we spend our valuable resources

2. LOCATION 914 Silver Spring Ave #116 Silver Spring MD, 20910  (202) 618 – 0562


  • Style Guide (Check Drive)
  • Logo Files (Check Drive)
  • Color Codes                   RGB(150,201,65)                   RGB(23,176,219)                 RGB(88,88,90)
  • Fonts Used  (Check Drive)


  • Full length wall mirror 
  • Motivational Posters 
  • Pictures 
  • Plants 

5. ECOVERDE MAIDS’s computer specs IMac

 Other applications:

  • G Suite
  • Launch27 (CRM)
  • Slack
  • Clickup
  • Canva
  • Active Campaign (Email drips)
  • Worksnaps (Remotely working Tracker)      
  • Service Autopilot
  • JustCall.io

6. Telephone 

The office use JustCall.io Voip system that allows 3 lines:

  • (202) 618 – 0562 Main line
  • (202) 410-6582   Outbond Calls (Cleaning Techs should be using this line)

7. Uniforms 

  • Blue T-shirts with white logo at front.
  • Speed Cleaning Apron
  • PPE (mask, gloves, shoe covers)

8. Cleaning Supplies 

  • Manufacturer: SPARTAN
  • 3 main concentrated cleaning products 

– Tribase (Gral Purposes)

– Red (Degreaser)

– Damp Mop (Floor)

– Powdered cleanser with a disinfectant such as Ajax or Comet

Please refer to current cleaning supplies for any updates on this.

All containers and spray bottles should be clearly labeled and the law requires that you have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each chemical used. These sheets explain the nature of the chemical and what should be done in the case of an accident. They can be obtained from your supplier, or online at MSDSSearch.com 

9.Cleaning Equipment 

Cleaning equipment consists of a duster on an extendable pole, scrub pads (non-scratch nylon), microfiber cloths, , toilet bowl brushes, single buckets, double sided buckets, mops and extra mop heads, grout brushes, air freshener, plastic spray bottles and pistol grips, and vacuum cleaners and accessories


  • Weekly Admin Level 10 meetings. Wednesday 9:00 am – 10:30 am. Zoom
  • Weekly Director – Each department individually checks in. Thursday (Check your department)
  • Weekly Refill & Cafecito Day. Every Thursday 7:30 am. Cleaning Techs come to the office to fill out supplies.
  • Monthly with Cleaning Techs. Last Thursday of each month. 7:30 am – 9:00 am. Big breakfast and monthly review. 


The ECOVERDE MAIDS cleaning system is based on a solo-person team.

A team of 2 CT can be observed for big projects (more than 4 JTHs).


Payroll administration includes many different activities, most of which are government- mandated. Federal regulations apply uniformly throughout the country, but every state and territory may have its own taxes and filing requirements. Check with your accountant for the regulations in your state and territory. 

In general, an employer must: 

  • Collect withholding and tax status information from new employees. 
  • Establish an employee earnings record. 
  • Compute gross wages for employees. 
  • Withhold applicable taxes. 
  • Compute other deductions. 
  • Record payroll information. 
  • Issue paychecks. 
  • Compute applicable employer taxes. 
  • Deposit Taxes Payable. 
  • File federal, state, and local reports (normally monthly or quarterly). 
  • Deposit Federal Unemployment Taxes quarterly. 
  • Deposit State Unemployment Taxes (normally monthly or quarterly). 
  • File Annual Returns and issue W-2 forms at year-end. 


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