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Promotions to use

We use some perks in order to close a sale. Our ideal customers are biweekly and weekly.

When a lead calls we always try to book ongoing services

Promo 1

  • We can use a Free Oven + Free Fridge (initia clean) to convert to biweekly and weely services on the first cleaning.
  • We can also add to fridge and oven a Free Hight Touch Point Areas cleaning to convert to biweekly and weely services

Promo 2 

  • We can offer $100 off to convert to biweekly or weekly. You would discount manually in SA $25, $25, $25, $25 on the first four visits.
  • This promotion can be also offer to One Time Clients during the Quality Control follow up the day after they got their house cleaned. Upsell.

Promo 3 

  • Are you a teacher, a nurse? You can qualify for our Flex Program
      • Does Client feel our prices are expensive? Provide arguments and information about our professional prices. (Home page for ideas)
      • Offer Flex Program and review the conditions with him/her. Flex Program can also be offered to those clients who are going through financial difficulty.
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