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Sales Strategies

 – Teams of 2 for oversized houses (more than 3,500 sq ft) more than 6 hours need to be scheduled first thing in the morning. 8 am -10 am. If we don’t, a lot of incidents can happen such as delays, and also the image of an uncoordinated company when 2 CT arrive at a different time.
– Filling Spots in the calendar. This can be based on a lack of leads or because of a late cancellation. This would Sales Modus Operandi
   1.Call clients that the CT has the next day, or the day after and offer them that spot that got cancelled. If they seem doubtful offer them a Oven-Fridge as an extra
   2.If that does not work, find in google sheets (drive) Clientes Favoritos those that love our cleaners and call them and offer them a spot that you just got and that made you think about them. 🙂
   3. Contact CRF, Barter, Flex Houses by looking up the tags. If it is a CFR ask them for a review in exchange.
   4. Run a Flash Sale. Filter those current and past clients that canceled for financial reasons. Email and text them.
   5. Ask the CT to deliver door hangers, flyers in the area she is at at that moment. Ask her to show proof of delivery. Pics/video
   5. Offer the CT to come to the office if she is not too far in distance to read, learn, or do a cleaning of her vacuum. This is a good way for them as well to take care of the vacuum and do maintenance. All vacuums break because of low maintenance care.
All this has to happen in a sharp and fast way. Scheduling and Sales need to work hard and fast to make the goal happen which is filling the spot!!
– Avoid Duplicates. Sometimes when a client skips and contacts the office to schedule a new cleaning the Modus Operandi is by going to the Upcoming Bookings and moving the first upcoming booking to the date and time that the client is asking.
– Autonomy and Problem- solving. These are part of our daily traits and we need to show them in our roles. Try to alway find an answer to a question individually. You have the tools, the software, the terms and conditions and after a while with ECOVERDE you should be able to navigate inbox, drive and launch27, our main arteries independently. After trying this, if you consider that you need to elevate the question/concern, make use of an email if it is not urgent or slack if you need to solve that right away.
This will allow you to be focused on your department and following your goals.
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