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Sending an estimate


  • Always send a quote to EVERYONE you talk too
  • Gather their name, phone number and email then enter them into SA
  • This starts an automation for follow ups with leads
  • After entering them into SA if they do not schedule make sure to notate why they did not schedule right now

Sending the estimate

  • Click on add an estimate
  • Choose from the templates which one pertains to the cleaning they are wanting
  • Click the top box to highlight all boxes
  • Click in quote button to turn them into a quote
  • Scroll down and save
  • Scroll up to email – click on email button
  • Send the Email to the customer
  • Scroll back down to save and close
  • You’re done.

Service Autopilot How to send an estimate (video)

Service Autopilot How to send an estimate (pdf)

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