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Training Process

Training Process –  5 Days learning in the field

  • Before the candidate starts with training her information will be completed in Clickup
  • Communicate in Slack #training that a new candidate will start training.
  • Talk to the trainer to let her know about the new candidate and make sure she has all the materials (uniform, books, cleaning products).
  • Send a sequence of 5 emails each day with the address and time where the candidate will meet the trainer. (Email templates in Hiring Process Doc in click up)
  • At the end of the day in Slack Ecoverde Teams #training the trainer will send the report and review it to see that everything went ok. If there is any red flag, address it with the trainer and director.
  • Touch base with candidates and trainers during the week to make sure that everything is going well.
  • A visti during training is encouraged
  • On day 5 meet with the candidate. This is the last day of training. Candidates will complete Handbook Highlights, Trainer Evaluation and the small test. (You can do the last part asking verbally is that make the process faster) IN OFFICE
  • Candidate completes /signs the NEW HIRE CHECKLIST   IN OFFICE
  • Send Employee email template to  install the following apps.





  • Celebrate in Slack #general that a new employee has been added to L27 so cleanings can be assigned.
  • Create a Click up task for Operations to add new candidate in L27
  • Create a Click Up task for Operations to add new candidate to Slack
  • Change ClickUp status from Training to Employee
  • Fill out employee’s birthday (Clickup Hiring/ Birthdays)
  • Add employee information to Parkmobile

If employee has family ask employee for the spouse and dependents information to complete the profile coverage.


_________________________________________TRAINEE TO EMPLOYEE SEQUENCE___________

DAY 1Trainee comes to the office. Fills out forms. 30’ – 1 hour. 

                Meets trainer and starts with first cleaning.

DAY 2 Trainee in the field

DAY 3 Trainee in the field

DAY 4 – Trainee in the field

DAY 5 – Trainee in the field. Office sends forms to be completed prior to coming to the office on day 6.          

DAY 6 – Trainee becomes an Employee. (pass or fail). 

              Trainee comes to the office to pick up tools and cleaning products. 

              Office makes sure all the apps (Booking Software, Slack, Parkmobile) are ready

              Profile Picture taken.

              First House¡¡

DAY 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-15. Employee gets support from the office. Calls at the end of the day to see how it went.

HR Calls new employee at the end of the day to follow up and make sure she has a great day.


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