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When a customer cancels

Call in the next 15 minutes after you see a cancellation in Inbox and Slack

First find out why they want to cancel services

  • Ask questions
    • “Oh no Debra i’m sorry to hear you are canceling with us.  What is the reason for doing so?”
    • Find out the WHY behind it!!
    • Most people don’t want to tell you they are unhappy
    • Be empathetic!!
  • Let them know we care
    • Even if it was not us, ask them if there is anything we could have done better?
  • Make sure our quality is there
    • Are we wowing the customer and if not why???
    • Make sure we handle complaints immediately and hold the techs accountable
    • Follow up calls with customers
    • Lower our complaints through accountability
  • If we can fix the issue, ask management to find a solution!

Than notate in their account the reason for cancelation

Cancel all jobs so they do not have anymore jobs

Late Cancellation Fee: 50% value of the cleaning. Exceptions : emergencies, Covid related issues.

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