Your Checklist for Must-See Places in Washington D.C.


Don’t let its official role of the U.S. capital fool you: Washington D.C. is one of the greatest places to visit and one of the more visited cities in the world. Because it’s not just a working federal city, it’s an international metropolis, so D.C. serves a historic sanctuary and a city full of museums and art.

So if you’re looking for historical things to do in Washington D.C. or things to do in Washington D.C. this weekend, keep reading because we gather for you an essential checklist of must-see places.

Take a walk on the National Mall

Just stepping close to the entrance is enough to please your senses and make you feel like in a movie. The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are the most popular monuments you’ll find in this great 2-mile mall. The first one has the Abraham Lincoln statue and the inscriptions of two of his most important speeches; and the second one also called “The Pencil”, is the world’s tallest obelisk made of stone and a symbol of this nation’s birth. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because is going to be a long walk, but the beautiful view of the Potomac River is enough to make it worth it.

Visit the Tidal Basin

Visiting the Tidal Basin is always fascinating and appealing, but if you’re going to be in Washington D.C. in spring, it’s definitely a must-see. Being a gift from Tokio, the cherry blossom flowers bloom around March and create an astonishing landscape of pink beauty over the long pond. Even if you don’t make it to D.C. in spring, you can’t skip the three monuments along the Tidal Basin shores: the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. 

Discover fantastic museums

Of course, the Washington D.C. museums are as stunning as the monuments and memorials. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has the nicest views of the Potomac River and its the perfect spot to watch a play in the theater or just relax to the sound of the National Symphonic Orchestra. Also, the Smithsonian Museum on the National Mall has fascinating artifacts on display (including an insect Zoo, human origins exhibit, and giant whale replicas) for a didactical and dynamic afternoon with the whole family. 

Pay  respects to the Americans who served the nation

Near the National Mall and the Tidal Basin, you’ll find two of the most important memorials of the nation, places to remember the atrocity of war and the persons who serve this nation. One of the most moving is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, just minutes away from the Washington Monument, where we remember the fallen soldiers in a black granite long wall with 58,000 names on it. Also, the World War II Memorial has 56 pillars (representing the 56 US states and territories) surrounding a rainbow pool.

Taking a tour to the White House

The most famous house in the world; you know, the white one. If you’re a D.C. first-timer surely it’s a must-see. But, as you can imagine, booking a tour to the White House requires much planning in advance. If you don’t plan ahead or just have no luck, you can always explore the surroundings of the area; as a matter of fact, the Washington Monument is just a few minutes away. Nevertheless, all tours in the White House are free, but you have to follow a registration process and wait for the confirmation. Visit the official page for more information.

Of course, there’s lots of other places you can visit and things you have to do in D.C. We hope your stay in Washington is pleasant and unforgettable, and that you’ll have more time to visit other less known places in the city. Remember that, if you’re worried about the maintenance of your house while you and your family are gone, be sure to contact us for a complete home cleaning service for you.

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