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Flexible Scheduling

Maintenance Cleanings

Trained Cleaners

No One Likes A Dirty Office

Many problems your business faces could be solved by hiring a professional cleaning service.

Let’s Get Started

Improve Employee Moral

Your employees hate working in a filthy office. And they especially don’t want to take out the trash and clean your toilets. Hiring a cleaning service makes them happier.

Increase Your Productivity

Our thorough cleaning system ensures bathroom dirt never ends up in your kitchen. And we provide our own cleaned and sanitized equipment, so you don’t have to.

Save Time and Money

Because we are an independent contractor, you won’t need to worry about insurance, payroll, cleaning supplies, and the time it takes to hire and train great cleaners.

Are you a Realtor in DC Metro Area?

Lean how Ecoverde Maids can help you offer your clients the best services available
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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression with clients. Luckily, we’ve made the process for getting your office cleaned as simple as possible.

Contact us & Get A Quote

Let us know whether you want daily or weekly office cleaning services, what needs to be cleaned, and your expectations. We can then give you an affordable quote.

Schedule Your Cleaning

We’ll come before or after hours, when it’s least interruptive, and provide professional, affordable janitorial services and office cleaning.

Relax & Enjoy

Think of Ecoverde Maids as your silent (cleaning) partner. With the cleaning done for you and without hassle, you can get back to everything that matters.

Focus More On Your Business. Let Us Clean For You!