Doing Some Office Spring Cleaning: Follow These 6 Tips!


The longer days and nicer weather intensify our urge to clean and organize. While many individuals clean out their closets and arrange their houses, one frequently overlooked place is an office or desk space. Because your work environment is a location where you spend 8+ hours every day, it is critical that you take the time to clean it. Use these pointers to make the most of your spring cleaning and prepare for the rest of the year.

1. Digital Declutter

Digital clutter slows down your computer over time and leaves you with limited capacity to keep your work files; therefore, a regular e-cleanup is required for peak performance. Begin by looking through your files and moving those you wish to save but aren’t actively using to a server or external hard drive. If there are any files that you do not require, remove them! After you’ve finished these procedures, arrange your desktop and folders to make file searches easier.

2. Clear the Unnecessary

Set aside an entire day to go through your drawers, cabinets, and desk. Get rid of items you do not use. If you are unsure, separate these items into “maybe” piles. If you don’t use something in the next month, discard it. It may be hard to get rid of things with sentimental value, but it is necessary.

3. Organize Important Files

After getting rid of the unnecessary papers and items you have collected, take time to organize files and folders you have been storing. Organize your files by separating them into categories, such as work, personal life, and legal folders. Narrow down these file categories even further by separating them into subfolders. For instance, create a folder called “Student Papers” and place all of the paperwork related to school into a separate section. This will be a helpful tool to have when you need to store important documents, tax information, or work documents.

4. Let Air Circulate

Another way to make your room appear brighter and more energetic is by circulating cool, fresh air. Don’t forget to change the filters in your air vents to remove dust, mildew, and unpleasant odors that result from the use of air conditioning and heating systems. Use the air vents to provide the room with fresh air, but keep the fire doors closed to avoid the spread of fire.

5. Enhance Efficiency

Do you feel like items are always getting lost in your office drawers? Labels can solve this problem—label items such as pencils and markers with permanent markers to avoid wasting time searching for them. Use a label maker or adhesive labels and stick them onto the items. Have you been putting off paying bills because the process is complicated and frustrating? Organize the bills and other financial documents by month in a binder, and pay them on time! Use this task to set aside time for the entire month.

6. Wipe Down Desks

After a long day of work, most people take the time to clean and freshen up. However, this should not be an option! Take time to wipe down the surfaces in your work area before leaving, including your desk and your computer and your keyboard, mouse, and any other devices.


After locating and removing the clutter from your work area, you will notice the positive difference that it makes. Getting organized can be a lot of work, but it will ultimately boost your productivity and help you feel better about the state of your workspace.

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