Remove Coffee Stains Like Maid Solutions with These Tips

If you’ve accidentally spilled coffee on your carpet or shirt, don’t panic! You can easily clean it up like professional maid solutions and prevent a permanent stain with these quick and easy tips:

Tip #1: Have the Right Tools

These three are the most common but effective ways to remove a coffee stain from your carpet:

  • Dishwashing soap.
  • Warm water.
  • A clean microfiber cloth.

Tip #2: Blot Away

Begin cleaning by blotting the coffee stain with a rag to remove as many marks as possible.

Tip #3: Create the Cleaning Solution

Mix one-fourth teaspoon of any liquid dishwashing detergent in a cup of lukewarm water. Don’t use laundry detergents, as they may contain optical brighteners (fluorescent dyes) that could damage or discolor the fibers. 

Using liquid instead of automatic dishwashing detergents is best, as the latter may contain a bleaching agent.

Tip #4: Test the Cleaning Solution

No matter the solution you’re using, always pretest it on a small spot of your carpet or shirt to ensure it doesn’t remove the color of your carpet or damage it and only removes the stain or marks in question.

Tip #5: Wipe with the Microfiber Cloth

To remove a spill like proper maid solutions, start by applying a small amount of the detergent solution to a white microfiber cloth. Work gently from the edges of the stain, moving towards the center, to prevent the liquid and mark from spreading. Afterward, let the solution sit on the mark or stain for a few moments before wiping it away.

Tip #5: Blot Again with a Dry Cloth

If the stain appears to be fading and transferring to the cloth, repeat the step until the stain is fully removed. Removing the coffee stain fully may take several tries, so be patient. 

Tip #6: Rinse with Lukewarm Water

Make sure to rinse the cleaning solutions off the fiber completely with lukewarm tap water, or the solutions may cause the fiber to become soiled more quickly.

Tip #7: Blot It Dry One Last Time

Remember to use a dry cloth. 

If the stain remains after several attempts, try one of the alternative solutions listed in the extra tips below:

Tip #8: Wash with Vinegar

The acidity in white vinegar can break down coffee stains, making them easier to clean. To use white vinegar to clean a coffee spill, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water. Apply the solution to the stain, wait a few minutes, blot the stain, repeat as necessary, and then rinse the area with water. You can also use vinegar solutions to remove coffee stains from your clothing.

Tip #9: Heap on the Hydrogen Peroxide

To remove a coffee stain from a white or light carpet, mix one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with three tablespoons of warm water. Always test any kind of cleaning solution on a small portion of the carpet or shirt first to ensure it doesn’t bleach the carpet. If it’s safe, apply the solution to the coffee stain and scrub until the stain is gone. If it’s not, create a new solution with less hydrogen peroxide.

Or Let the Professional Maid Solutions Handle It

If you’re scared of ruining a good carpet or piece of clothing by cleaning coffee stains DIY style, call Ecoverde Maids instead! We’re a maid solutions provider that uses safe cleaning tools that remove stains and leave the fabric unblemished. Book online through our website so we can clean while you relax.