Book on Mon, Tues or Wed to get $25 off. Code: MONTUESWED

Book on Mon, Tues or Wed to get $25 off. Code: MONTUESWED

Healthy Habits You Must Know That Lead To Clean Home


Healthy Habits You Must Know That Lead to Clean Home Ever thought about how some people always seem to maintain a clean home, even though they are so busy? How do they do it? They have children on top of their work. And you may be wondering how this is possible or how you can […]

How to prepare your House for St. Patrick’s Day


HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOUSE FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. And this is the time when we get to see the Chicago River, the Empire State Building and the White House fountain go green.   Marking the arrival of spring, this is the best time to give your house a […]

End of Lease Packing Guideline: Where & When to Start


One of the best things about being a renter compared to a homeowner is that you are not tied down to a mortgage and have the freedom to relocate when you want to. The drawback, however, is when you are nearly at the end of your lease and it’s time to box up your belongings […]

12 Days of Holiday Cleaning


12 Days of Holiday Cleaning I used to be in love with the holiday cleaning schedule I discovered back in the 80s.  You know the one, where you started in September or October and deep cleaned your way to December? No more. One, I don’t have the time or energy to spend with that kind […]

51 Ways to Organize Your Home


51 Ways to Organize Your Home Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel the most comfortable. Keeping it organized and clutter-free is important. For many of us, though, this is a challenge. This article is intended to make it a bit easier to organize your home and help you enjoy being […]

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