Essential Tasks to Do in a House Before Moving Out

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Moving out soon? You might not think about cleaning your old place until you’re packing your things for the next place, but it’s actually a part of your apartment moving checklist. Why? First, it’s a good way to get your deposit back. Second, you don’t want to be hit with surprise fees. With my handy guide, you’ll have the best chance of not only getting your security deposit returned but also avoiding any surprise fees.

Essential Tasks to Do in a House Before Moving Out

1 – Remove nails and patch holes in walls

Nails tend to poke out of the wall, just as a reminder that someone lived there. Point them away from where you’re likely to walk and use a nail puller to remove them.

If you’ve damaged the wall, use a drywall knife to cut a patch and then apply spackle. Smooth the patch with your hand, then sand and paint it.

2 – Dust the ceiling fans

I don’t know anyone who cleans an entire ceiling fan. But my rentals were always in good condition when I moved out because I did the work. I’d stay on the ladder and dust the blades and light fixtures. Then, I’d get a ladder pole and reach up to dust the ceiling fan itself. I’d also use a hose to clean the blades.

3 – Clean the windows

I’m not talking about blinds. I mean, clean the glass portions of the window. You can use newspaper or paper towels to wipe them clean. You can also purchase window cleaning solutions at your local home improvement store.

4 – Clean the gutters

It’s a good idea to check your gutters for leaves and debris before you move out. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the middle of a storm with a giant spider web and leaves blocking your gutters.

5 – Clean the grout

You know all those cracks in the tiles? You’ll need a grout cleaner. This is the last thing you do, so you can clean the tiles after you are done with everything else.

6 – Clean the bathtubs

Thoroughly clean the bathtubs, including the surfaces and inside. You can use an abrasive scrubber to get rid of the soap scum.

7 – Clean the toilet

Flush the toilet to remove leftover debris. Then, wipe the toilet down with a toilet brush, sponge, and bowl cleaner.

8 – Clean the kitchen and appliances

Make sure the kitchen looks like you’re not moving out. You want to make it look like you live in a model home. Clean all the appliances, including the microwave and the refrigerator.


A well-maintained home is easier to rent out and easier to return. Your security deposit is the least of your worries. You don’t want to be hit with a lot of surprise fees when you move out. By following these steps, you should be able to get your security deposit and avoid any surprise fees. Moving out is stressful enough, and you don’t want to be stressed about your security deposit. Follow this guide, and you’ll be in great condition when going to your next place.

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