7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers to Enjoy the Season


Spring is the most important time of the year for many people who are desperate to be unburdened from numerous allergies. In this article, you will find valuable tips on how to have a successful spring cleaning and allergy-free season.

1. Set a Schedule

If you want to get rid of all the allergens from your home in just one day, it will be an utterly crazy idea. This is why you should set a schedule for cleaning, which you can follow. 

2. De-Clutter Your Home

Start with de-cluttering your home. Take some time to sort through your stuff and decide what to keep and throw away. It is best to store the items you will not use in the next few months in the basement or the attic. 

3. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products as Much as Possible

You can try out some eco-friendly cleaning solutions to make your spring cleaning safer for you and your family. The most popular eco-friendly products are vinegar and baking soda. You can create your cleaning solutions by mixing them up. You can also try cornstarch and water, lemon juice and baking soda, or white vinegar and water.

4. Work From Top to Bottom

The majority of airborne dust and allergens are found on the top surfaces of the furniture and the floors. Since the floors and furniture can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, you should address these ones first. This is important because the dust from the top falls, meaning that if you start from the top and then go down, you will be simply spreading dust around your room. 

5. Clean Walls & Windows

Pay more attention to the walls and windows, which get dirty much faster than the floors and furniture, especially during spring. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth because it will not take too much time. Washing the windows is a bit more complicated, as it requires a lot of water and soap. Instead of doing it all by yourself, you can call a company that offers spring cleaning services to have more time for other things.

6. Clean Kitchen & Bathrooms Thoroughly

It is important to clean your kitchen and the bathroom thoroughly because these areas are prone to fungal or bacterial growth. Sweep and vacuum the floors, wipe down the old surfaces, and clean the sinks and the shower/bathtub. 

7. Clean Your HVAC System

One of the most important things to do during spring cleaning is to clean your HVAC system. The HVAC system contracts build-up on the heating and cooling coils, which can lead to duct damage and can obstruct airflow.

Spray your HVAC system with a safe and powerful cleaner, and then vacuum it out. Make sure the air vents are not blocked. This way, you can prevent the HVAC system from overheating.

Also, do not forget to clean your ceiling fans, as these are another area where dust accumulates.

You can also hire professional cleaning services to take care of your HVAC system for you.

Begin Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not a simple task, as it requires a lot of time and effort. However, if you follow the tips from this article, you will be able to do the job faster and more efficiently. Plus, you get to eliminate allergens in your home. 

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