Top 5 Dirtiest Spots in Your Office

Office cleaning

The old adage that “cleanliness is next to godliness” rings truer than ever, especially when it comes to your workplace. Spending long hours in the office means that the environment can have a significant impact on one’s mood, productivity, and health, so cleaning is a critical aspect of your company culture that deserves more attention.

There are some dusty spots that are often overlooked, but sometimes, the dirtiest areas are those that are right in front of you. With that in mind, the list below explores the most germ-filled, dander-ridden places in your office that are better left handled by professional cleaners. 

1. Desks

Between the coffee mug and the keyboard, desks are riddled with more germs than almost any other surface in the office. All the time spent around your desk is time spent in a sea of disease-causing bacteria, so a deep clean from time to time can keep you safe from the most common illnesses among employees.

2. Computers

The average person touches their computer about 30 times a day. Because of this, a computer is one of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in the office. Between the trackball and the mouse, all manner of dirt, germs and bacteria is transferred, making the keyboard and screen prime targets for deep cleaning with disinfectant wipes.

3. Coffee Pots

No matter how many times a day you clean your coffee pot, you won’t be able to get rid of the built-up oils, crud and grime that are at the bottom of the carafe. The carafe is the hardest place in the office to clean and often, it goes uncleaned.

With that in mind, carafes are the ideal breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause staph infections. The longer they sit, the worse they get, making them great candidates for a deep clean by professional cleaners.

4. Microwaves

The warm, moist environment inside of microwaves means that the perfect environment is created for the growth of germs and bacteria. From the baked-on cheese to the crumbly dinner, the nooks and crannies of the microwave can give your employees food poisoning if you’re not careful.

Not to mention, it’s hard to clean the inside of the microwave. Soap scum and other messes are at their worst in the microwave, and cleaning it takes quite a bit of elbow grease. The best solution? A deep clean from professional cleaners who will use disinfectant wipes to remove all the bacteria from the inside.

5. Door Handles

It’s hard to remember to wash your hands every time you come back to your desk, but touching the door handle with your germy fingers over and over again? That’ll lead to sickness on an epic scale when left unchecked. 

The handles are easily forgotten, so the germs and bacteria stay around, only to be passed on to the unsuspecting next visitor. Fortunately, a professional cleaner will never forget to thoroughly clean every spot of your office, even if it’s something seemingly harmless as the door handle.

The Bottom Line: How Hiring a Professional Cleaner can Elevate Your Company’s Environment

Outdated desks, grimy microwaves and filthy door handles are a typical day at the office for most. Cleaning for yourself is hard, and it’s even more difficult when you work in an office of 100+ people. 

This is why the services of professional cleaners are so useful. With specialists in the building, you can turn your focus away from the unimportant tasks, and onto the parts of your job that are more meaningful.

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