Ecoverde Solutions Receives 2019 Best of Washington Award in House Cleaning Service

Since its establishment, Ecoverde Solutions has strived to provide an environmentally friendly cleaning option to compete with the multitude of traditional cleaning companies serving the Washington, DC metro area. This year our efforts are being recognized and honored by the Washington Award Program’s 2019 Best of Washington Award in House Cleaning Service. Read on for the press release […]

9 Easy Home Improvements to Help Sell Your Home Fast!


You’ve been trying to sell your home and you did everything you thought was expected of you. You connected with a real estate agent, had professional photos taken of your house, and opened your home to numerous strangers as they paraded around your halls on private tours and open houses. But after weeks of your […]

5 Maintenance Tips That Will Save you Cash and Improve Your Home

Being a homeowner isn’t easy.  If you rented a home in the past, then the chances are that you had no idea how much maintenance you weren’t responsible for doing on your home. It’s not until you take full responsibility for a property that you start to see just how easily everything can fall apart.  […]

Your Checklist for Must-See Places in Washington D.C.


Don’t let its official role of the U.S. capital fool you: Washington D.C. is one of the greatest places to visit and one of the more visited cities in the world. Because it’s not just a working federal city, it’s an international metropolis, so D.C. serves a historic sanctuary and a city full of museums […]

5 Tricks to Making Your Home Look Decluttered


You’ve pushed it off time and time again. And now, you struggle to locate the remote to the TV. At first, you were excited about the wide, open spaces in your home. After a while, though, even the biggest rooms can accumulate clutter and feel closed in. For something more routine, you can hire a cleaning […]

Know How Often to Wash Your Bed Linens, Bath Towels, and Curtains


Bed linens, bath towels, curtains, and other bedroom fabrics are something we all use. However, they all need to be pampered in very different ways, including how often they get washed and replaced. You might think this is a part of an age-old routine with no real reasoning behind it, but you’d be wrong! It’s […]

About Ecoverde Maids

Carolina Rodriguez was interviewed by Boston Voyager Magazine. Read about why and how she started Ecoverde Maids, and learn more about her and the company by clicking the link below. Boston Voyager Magazine – Meet Carolina Rodriguez Garcia of Ecoverde Maids

Why you should use a maid service

Why_you_should_use a_maid_service

A buyer who makes an offer on your house is investing in a future home. Getting a house ready to sell means getting potential buyers to imagine themselves living there, to feel “at home” as they look around. And, of course, they will absolutely look around: every drawer, closet, fixture, and corner may get scrutinized. Can you blame […]

8 Common Cleaning Mistakes


Everyone loves a clean home, and no one likes making mistakes. Have you read all of the instructions on your cleaning products? Are you using your cleaning equipment and tools the correct way? If you’re not, you could be costing yourself more money, more time, and even some health problems! Check out these secrets from […]