Problems in an Unkempt and Dirty Home You Should Not Ignore

It is rare for people to consider house cleaning a joyful activity. Going on a stroll, binge-watching a favorite show, or visiting friends is much more enjoyable anyway, so you might not allot time for cleaning. However, it’s necessary if you don’t want to live in a messy and unhealthy environment.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s fine to let some dust bunnies accumulate beneath the bed for a week or so, but there are some routines that you should avoid since they might end up doing more problems to your home.

Here are some issues that you should absolutely not ignore in your home:

Not Fixing Your Plumbing Issues

The constant gurgling of a toilet, a slow-draining bathroom sink, and a drippy kitchen sink are examples of annoying plumbing issues. They don’t appear to be a significant issue, but they will become one if you don’t deal with them right away. 

Toilets and pipelines can overflow or explode if they become clogged. Mold can grow in small puddles caused by leaks, weakening wood floors, and support beams.

Letting Your HVAC Filters and Vents Clog Up

When vents get blocked with dust, the system is put under stress. Cleaning the vents every month and changing the filter takes less than 15 minutes—doing so will safeguard your system and enhance your family’s air quality.

Ignoring the Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors emit alarms when their batteries need to be replaced, and ignoring these sirens can be disastrous. If you have a little fire in your kitchen, it may cost you thousands of dollars and potentially put your life at risk.

Not Using the Right Cleaning Products

Using the wrong cleaning solutions may ruin even the best cleaning efforts. Protective coatings and cleaning treatments can be stripped away by harsh chemicals, and some can pile up and harm what you’re attempting to clean. 

For example, acid-based cleaners on marble surfaces may erode the stone, even pure white vinegar. You can’t undo this damage without spending a lot of money to have the stone crushed down. Using liquid or paste floor wax on polyurethane-sealed laminate or wood floors may fade and dirty the surface. The factory-applied sealant might be damaged if the wax is removed.

Not Reaching the Hidden Spots

Likely, you haven’t given any consideration to your dryer or range hood venting system in a long time. They remove moisture, lint, aromas from the kitchen, and grease particles every time they are used. 

The last time you cleaned them was probably months ago. If these essential systems are overlooked, fire or other significant harm might ensue.

Uncontrolled Clutter

We’re all guilty of letting our clutter pile up until it feels insurmountable to get it under control. Having trouble finding an article of beloved clothing is one thing, but allowing rubbish and clutter to build up creates an ideal environment for pests like roaches, moths, spiders, and fungus to flourish.

Half-Done Chores

Although any cleaning is a start on the right path, not completing the chore can also lead to issues. Clearing clutter can be accomplished in tiny increments, while other errands must be begun and completed all at once. 

For example, when treating carpet stains, you must remove all of the cleaning solutions by blotting or rinsing. Soapy residue in carpet fibers attracts more dirt and makes the carpet seem worse.


As you can see, many factors can be attributed to dirtiness around the home. If you want to keep your home in pristine condition, you will need to learn how to be firm in cleaning and stick to your goals.

However, if you find yourself too busy to handle all of these, you can also conveniently hire a professional cleaning service.

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