Why You Should Get Your Home Cleaned Pre-Appraisal

before cleaning your home

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or simply want to figure out its value, an appraisal can get you an accurate estimation of how much it’s worth. Before you get an appraisal, though, it’s always a good idea to get a deep cleaning.

You might wonder why this affects your property if it doesn’t really change the overall structure. However, there are many reasons you should get professional house cleaners to get everything in order before an appraisal.


You Want to Make a Good Impression

You might think that the appraiser will only care about the features and condition of your property, but they’ll also be looking at the overall appeal. If they walk into your home and see something that’s dirty and unkempt, they might think that it’s an indication that you don’t really care about the place.

A clean space also makes it easier for appraisers to complete their assessment with few hitches.


Sanitation is a Big Part of Evaluation

The appraiser will be looking for any possible issues with the structure, but they’ll also be checking for any potential health hazards that could affect their assessment.

A deep clean can help you get rid of build-up and possible issues like mold growth, poor circulation, and bacteria-borne diseases.


This Can Increase Your Curb Appeal

A clean house can also make it easier to set up an open house or get more potential buyers interested in your place. For both the market and your appraisal, you want to think about curb appeal.

If you want to hit the best value possible, then you need to make sure your house looks and feels clean from the moment a person views it.


It Shows That Your Home is More Sale-Ready

House cleaning services can help you prepare your property for sale. If things are cluttered and out of order, it gives the impression that the place isn’t really ready for viewing. Even more than that, it can create the impression that it isn’t ready for occupancy right off the bat.

Many buyers are looking for spaces that don’t need a lot of work for them to get settled. If the home is clean and already set up right, then it takes away a lot of the pains of moving in.


Cleanliness Can Highlight the Best Features

A clean home removes any issues that can detract from the features you want to highlight. This can be the layout, interior design, or even specific installations like light fixtures, pools, shelving, and the like.

House cleaners can also ensure that said features are hygienic and in tip-top shape. After all, things tend to work better when they are cleaned and maintained.


A Deep Clean Can Revitalize Older Pieces

Cleaning and restoring older pieces are not just for show. When it comes to appraisal, these pieces are often the most vital part of a home.

House cleaning and restoration can help you improve the results you get by making the quality of the structure and items in your home seem more revitalized. This includes flooring, kitchen appliances, and even toilets.



If you want your property to be in the best shape for your appraisal, then it’s best to call in professional cleaners for a deep clean. They can make sure that the place is really in the best condition it can be to get the highest value.

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