Your Weekly Wood-Dusting Routine

Many times the hardwood floors installed in our houses don’t really need to be mopped. However, these beautiful floors can also be in need of something looking forward to helping them get lively to keep them studying their best. When you dust your furniture and it settles down on your floors, it has the potential to steal away the natural luster that wooden floors offer. Furthermore, it can also be potentially damaging and it can significantly scratch your floors. A quick, regular, dusting for your hardwood floors is an excellent way to provide your pretty hardwood a weekly facelift. It also helps in protecting your surface from getting damaged by dust particles. Let us take a look at what your weekly wood dusting routine should ideally be:

Invest in a good hardwood floor cleaning system

The good news is that it is very easy to figure out a routine to help you in taking care of the hardwood floors. You simply need to get a few tools, and the most effective method is a manageable one to implement.


Which Tools to Use?

Finding the best tool for your floors is the first step that you need to figure out for your dusting routine. Which instrument you should use depends a lot on your personal needs.

1. Vacuums are excellent as they offer a lot of attachments that can be amazing to help to get into hard-to-reach areas. The suction function makes it excellent to pull dust out of crevices and tight cracks.

2. Microfiber Cloth Mops are also one of the great ways to go. Their fibers are the most magnetic in the manner in which they can efficiently pull up dust from these surfaces and attract and pull up dust from surfaces. They are also amazingly proficient in finding dust and in holding them together. Microfiber cloth mops can also glide easily all around the surface of your opulent wooden floors. These are very easy to twist, guide, and turn over the floor and go under furniture.

3. Brooms can also be a very popular sweeping resource used normally for floors. For a lot of people, brooms can also help in giving the cleaner a better sense of “control” over different floor-cleaning tools.

All of the above tools are exceptional in cleaning floors. There have been a lot of attempts to figure out which or any combination of these will work best for you. There would be no wrong or no right combination of all of these techniques, it just depends on you and what will work best for you. Now, despite popular belief, these methods are not supposed to be tedious or burdensome. These are easy tips that are fairly simple to remember and execute into the routines. Once they are done well, these can help in the dusting of your wooden floors efficiently and simply.


How to Clean the Wood Surfaces?

1. Pull the dirt, don’t push: When you use brooms while cleaning the floors, focus on pulling the dirt. Make sure that you avoid pushing it around. The disadvantage of a broom is that it usually tends to push the debris that you want to sweep up. Generally, most people don’t hold a great handle on appropriately sweeping.

2. Cleaning your way out of the room: When you are busy with vacuuming, mopping, dusting, or dry dusting your wood floors, be careful of the cleaning progress. You need to focus on working your way out of a room.

3. Focus on avoiding apathetic habits: If you plan to clean, focus on throwing yourself into cleaning 100%. An unfinished cleaning job will feel attractive as it saves time here and there, but it acquires a massive cleaning penalty later. Impassive cleanings tend to focus on cutting corners or leaving something out for later, but when you leave things for later and procrastinate, you can end up creating added work for yourself. It gets harder to clean, it also might end up taking longer than it would otherwise. Relocate furniture, start by sweeping under the rugs, getting under all objects, and getting into all corners.

4. Don’t sweep dust and dirt under the floor: Picking up your rugs and extra objects that sit on the floor, you should move them about, start by sweeping under them. You should not just sweep around trying to avoid them, and make sure that you don’t sweep any dirt and dust under the rugs. The additional step will help in giving you a wooden floor that is actually a lot cleaner. Rugs can easily trap debris and dust under them or inside their fibers.

Cultivating these habits will be great for your floors in the long term as well. Even your floors can look a lot cleaner when you lift the rugs and will be of better quality